Monday, February 9, 2015

Paper Mate Ink Joy Medium Point Multi Colored Pens
Feeling creative? Then pick up a pack of Paper Mate InkJoy pens. They are multi colored on the outside as well as the ink writes the same color that the pen is. They are medium point and give you a solid, smooth continuous flow of ink. They also feature a handy hook on each pen so you can hook them to notebooks, your shirt pocket, or wherever else you decide. These colorful pens can be used for art projects, pen and ink drawings, invitations, cards, letters, or just having fun. These pens are unique and don't dry out unlike other colored ink pens. They are available at Wal-Mart so go pick yours up today. 

I received a pack of these pens for free to review from Smiley 360

I can't wait to use mine to add a colorful touch to my wedding invitations here next month. My wedding has a Alice in Wonderland theme and these pens will add a fun touch to my invitations when I fill them out. 

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