Monday, July 18, 2016

A Blessing For This Back Pain Sufferer 

 This bed topper has brought new life to my older mattress. It came rolled up in a plastic bag inside a box, I unrolled the topper and removed the plastic and left it lay on my mattress for about 4 hours. In that time it decompressed and inflated itself to the exact size of my queen mattress. It is so cool to see how this piece of foam can inflate itself to the exact size of my mattress in length and in width. All the edges and corners are straight and even and the corners nice and sharp. It looks and feels like it was never compressed and stuffed in a shipped box just a few hours before. 

Once the mattress topper had fully decompressed I was ready to make my bed and cover it with the fitted sheet. I covered mine with a waterproof mattress pad and then the fitted sheet and both were snug but I had no issues getting them over the topper and my mattress. I couldn't wait to get the sheets on so I could lay down and give this memory foam a try. Let me just say wow because this  topper has made my bed way, way more comfortable. The memory foam cradles and cushions every inch of my body. This isn't like the old foam mattress toppers that you sunk down into and felt like you were in a hole. This holds and cushions your body and you don't feel like you're laying deep in a hole. When you raise up off this memory foam topper it springs right back into place. So there's no dents or holes from where you were laying. After sleeping on it for an entire night I got up and made the bed and there was no dent or low spot where I had slept. 

As for myself this topper gave me a great night's sleep. I didn't wake up several times during the night like I usually do. My neck, back, and lower back didn't hurt or feel stiff or sore. I felt rested and relaxed. I usually wake up with a headache but I had no headache after sleeping on this. My fiancee suffers from a back injury where he has 2 bulging discs in his spine and he tells me he definitely feels a noticeable difference after sleeping on this mattress topper. He felt better and wasn't feeling hardly any pain at all. He's been a lot more helpful around the house too which shows me his back is feeling better. 

We've been using it for a full week now and we both love this memory foam mattress topper. It has been a blessing for both our sore backs. It is so comfortable and feels like you are resting on a fluffy cloud. There's no sagging, dents, or lumps in the topper it looks just like the day I put it on the bed. We couldn't be happier with this product and are getting great night's sleep.

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.

Available in sizes:
Twin XL
California King 

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