Saturday, July 30, 2016

Never Get Caught Without Enough Hose This One Stretches To 75 Foot!

I got this hose for my Dad to use to water his garden and outdoor plants. He has several health problems that make it difficult for him to do much work with his hands like twisting and turning a heavy hose. This hose works great because it is lightweight and it doesn't kink up when you're using it. When you turn on the water the hose expands and when all the water drains out of the hose it compresses back down. The brass connectors work great too they don't rust, corrode, or tarnish at all and they are easy to screw on the sprayer and the outdoor water spicket. The sprayer gun that came with this hose he loves because it does 7 different water functions and it has a constant on feature too. Also the gun has grips on the handle and trigger that make it easier for someone to hold and won't slip out of wet hands. The 7 different water functions is nice for watering delicate plants with the mist feature, or rinsing off the car or dog with the shower setting. My Dad is very happy with this hose and sprayer combination and I'm happy that I gave him something to make his chores a little easier. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

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