Thursday, July 28, 2016

Loving My New Covered Wok 
From TeChef 

This pan is amazing I use it almost every time I cook. It comes with a tight fitting glass and metal lid. There's also a handle on both sides of the pan which I really like. It makes it easier to pick up and handle without risking spilling what's inside or burning yourself. The pan has strong and sturdy metal handles on the lid and both sides of the pan that don't wobble around. The pan is also dishwasher safe and has nonstick Teflon coating so cleanup is super easy. The coating is PFOA free so no chemicals can get in and contaminate my food. 

This pan is so roomy too, a full 12 inches wide and quite deep so I can cook a whole meal in this for my family. The pan weighs six pounds so its quite heavy duty but not heavy to where it is uncomfortable to handle. I use this pan to cook all sort of cuisine so its not just for Asian cuisine. I fry potatoes in my pan, make barbecue, one pan meals, fry chicken, stir frys, and much more. Its such a handy and convenient pan. 

To learn more about TeChef and this awesome wok please visit one or more of these links:

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