Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I Just Love My Ozeri 10" 
Green Earth Frying Pan

This pan is awesome I love how nothing sticks to it. I can cook eggs in this pan with no oil or butter and they don't stick at all. I no longer have to add extra fat to my food by having to cook it with oil or butter. The nonstick ceramic coating is both PTFE and PFOA free so it is safe to cook with everyday. I do a lot of cooking at home for my family sometimes 3 meals a day so my cookware has to be able to handle lots of use. I also have a glass top stove so I have to be careful when choosing cookware to use on it that won't scratch or harm the surface. These 10 inch frying pan fits the large burner of my stove perfectly almost like it was made for it. The pan heats up fast and maintains a constant temperature so there's no hot spots. I can cook eggs and sausage in this pan all at once which is a real time saver when I'm in a hurry making breakfasts in the morning. Or I can cook an entire tray of sausage patties to make sandwiches and all the patties cook evenly so the center ones don't burn and the outside ones stay raw like other pans. 

Another thing i love about this pan is the coating is scratch resistant. So if I use metal utensils on the pan it doesn't ruin the coating. But most of the time I just use plastic or silicone utensils. The non stick coating is also easy to clean because nothing sticks to it. I can even burn cheese to it and it doesn't stick. The handle of this pan is nice and long and stays cool to the touch so you can easily move this pan around without risking burning your hand. The pan is easy to clean it is dishwasher safe and doesn't rust or corrode or discolor even when used daily like I use mine. I love the pretty green color this pan is too it looks great in my kitchen. I chose the 10 inch size and its perfect for cooking a meal for the family or just cooking a quick snack for one. 

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

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