Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Had This Great Idea To 
Add A Little Something 
To This Plain Old Wall Mirror 

Mirror Before

Vinyl decal unpackaged 

 Putting the transfer tape on the decal

 Decal peeled off the paper ready to stick

Decal placed on the mirror with transfer tape

 Smoothing the decal onto the mirror getting out any air bubbles

 Finished product after peeling back the transfer tape. 
Taadaa!!! It looks great!!!

This wall decal is really cute and was super easy to apply. It can do on a wall or other painted surface. But I decided to take it a different way and put it on a big wall mirror I have over the fireplace in my living room. The mirror is large and kind of plain and it needed a little dressing up. The decal came with detailed instructions with step by step photos that made it easy to know how to apply. The transfer tape was easy to peel and stick onto the decal and I used a plastic card out of my wallet to smooth it out. Then the tape easily peeled the decal from the paper and I was ready to stick it. Positioning it on my mirror was easy and since the transfer tape was clear it made it easier to line up and make sure I got the decal on straight. I then used the plastic card again to smooth out any air pockets on the letters and easily peeled back the tape. I've used vinyl decals before and the letters didn't want to stick or they ripped or peeled back a few days after applying. These stay stuck and didn't rip and I had the whole project finished in under 5 minutes. Now my mirror looks fabulous and the letters don't fade or rub off when I clean the mirror with glass cleaner. I get a lot of compliments on my mirror decal and I think it looks great. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review of it. 

To order your own please use this link:

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