Monday, February 29, 2016

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Bumpy Betty Tonight

I have never tried out a vibrator like this one before but I felt adventurous and decided to give it a try. It is small and fits easily in my hand and the push button controls are easy to use. The vibrator is shaped like a thick tongue that is stuck out like you would be to lick something. There's also small bumps all over the tongue that make it feel textured and bumpy. The entire toy is made with a soft silicone material and has no strong odor to it. At the bottom of the vibrator is where you add the batteries, it takes 2 AAA's and are fairly easy to install. The vibrator has 7 different vibration modes so you can make the sensation as strong as you like. This vibrator is also waterproof so I can use it in the shower or in my bath and it won't break down on me. 

With the bumpy texture of this vibrator it is fun to use both vaginally and as a clit stimulator. The bumpy texture massages and stimulates me and really gets things going. The 7 vibration modes I like to use and start out slow and then intensify the vibration. This is a great toy to use by yourself or with a partner during foreplay. It is also small enough to where it can be discreetly stashed in a purse or suitcase and take with you when you travel. Batteries are also long lasting in this toy so I don't have to change them too often. The Bumpy Betty also arrived in plain packaging to my door so none of my neighbors knew what I was receiving. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

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