Sunday, October 6, 2019

Come Celebrate the 30th Season at the 
Ohio Renaissance Festival

This year the 2019 season is also the 30th season for this fun filled attraction in Harveysburg Ohio which is close by to both Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio. It runs weekends from Labor Day to Halloween and is open every Saturday and Sunday during this time. Each weekend is also a themed weekend that has special events catered to the theme of that weekend. Highland, Feast of Fools, Barbarian, Pirate, Romance, Time Traveler's, Fantasy, and Tricks and Treats are the themes. We decided to attend the Feast of Fools weekend and we had a great time. Some of our favorites were the full armored jousting, the pirate stunt show, Queen's chess (with human chess pieces!), and Kamikaze Fireflies. We also seen some new attractions this year like the owls and falcons show. For a small fee I was able to have a Barn Owl (largest owl) balance on my arm! He is simply breathtakingly beautiful and names Bilbo Baggins! LOL :) 

The food and shops at the festival are an attraction all their own. From giant turkey legs to enormous funnel cakes you'll definitely get a belly full. I loved the shops as well the vendors are all so friendly and talented. We were able to watch candles being made and glass figurines made right before our eyes by real craftsmen and women. I took home a few souvenirs from the glassware shop, the hatter, and a real fur fluffy tail. All the performers and vendors are dressed in 1592 Renaissance attire which was really cool.  

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