Wednesday, May 27, 2015

PCNL Quality All Natural Supplements

I was asked to do a review on these 3 supplements by this company. They are very friendly and helpful and I love how their products are all natural, and American made. 

I started taking this supplement to help with energy because for awhile now I always feel drained and tired all the time. I started taking 2 capsules twice a day and I can honestly say that after the second day of taking this I felt a lot more energy. And it wasn't like drinking too many energy drinks, or too much coffee kind of extra energy. This felt natural and had no crash after a few hours. The capsules are easy to swallow and you just need to take them with a full glass of water. I don't feel jittery when I take these either unlike energy shots or drinks. I love that its a natural way to have more energy and feel better all day. 
In case you're wondering what Forskolin is used for let me give you a quick definition of what I take it for. Forskolin is used to treat allergies, skin conditions, acne, IBS, menstrual cramps, bladder infections, and several other conditions. So its great to keep a bottle on hand at all times. Because I suffer from time to time with almost all these conditions. The vegetable capsules are easy to swallow and don't have a strong unpleasant odor like some do. There's no nasty side effects either. And I like that I only have to take 2 a day to receive their benefits. 
From time to time I have trouble sleeping. Too much caffeine, stress, or sometimes I just can't shut my mind off at night. So I need a little help getting to sleep and getting some rest. I like to be able to fall asleep fast and be able to stay asleep all night and rest. But I don't like taking sleep aids that are habit forming and leave me feeling groggy and like a zombie the next day. So when I tried Melatonin Platinum I was amazed by the results. I could take 1 to 2 of the easy to swallow softgels a half hour before bed and be able to fall asleep and stay asleep all night. I'm able to comfortably rest and relax while I sleep. I wake up rested and alert and ready for my day. No more sleepy feeling in the middle of the day and no more feeling groggy and like a zombie in the morning. I'm stinking with this. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

Here are some links to the Amazon listings of these products so you can find out more and purchase:

Pop Chart Lab Poster Prints
These posters will compliment any decor either at home or at your office at work. I chose the American Automobiles poster because I love cars especially classic cars. One of the things I love about this poster is it's fun to look at and learn something from. Everyone that sees it loves it and learns a little bit of history from it. 

I purchased a plain black frame for this poster print and it looks great together and it really compliments the print. At first I chose to hang it in the hallway by my front door. But there was a lot of glare from the sun and from lights that the top of the poster was hard to read. So I moved it to my spare bedroom/ office and it looks great in there. I absolutely love it and I would love to buy more for my home and for gifts. If you would like to browse their selection of poster prints, please click this link:

1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Pillowcases 
By: Yorkshire Mayfair

These are a great inexpensive way to dress up your bed fast. I love how they are Egyptian cotton and are 1000 thread count. So they aren't thin like other pillow cases where you can see the pillow right through them. The fabric on these is a nice sateen that feels great against your skin when you are sleeping on them. They are shrink proof too so they won't shrink and not fit over your pillows. I love how easily these cases wash up too, you just wash them in cold water and dry on the low heat setting. And they come out the dryer wrinkle free and looking great. The stitching on these cases is great quality as well so you don't have to worry about loose threads and holes or snags. The color matches any decor as well. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it. 

To grab a set of these please use this link to Amazon to purchase:

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Electric Styles 
Lighted Accessories & Apparel 
Lighted Tutu Review
Want a fun way to to accessorize your outfit at your next party or concert? Or a great way to enhance a costume? Then take a look at these cute, comfortable, and fun to wear tutus. I chose the purple but they are also available in pink, green, blue, white, and red. They have 3 light settings which are continuously on, blink, and slow blink. They have an easy to use battery pack that has a top mounted button to control the lights. And they run on 2 AA batteries that are easy to install. The tutu lights up all around the bottom of it making a dazzling effect. The waistband is satin and very comfortable and fits a 26" to 36" waist. 

 Here is how the tutu looks set to constant On in the dark. Pretty impressive right??

 Here's a quick close up of the controller/battery pack on the back of the tutu. This can easily be hidden so no one can see it.

 Close up on the satin soft stretch waistband that is really comfortable to wear. The mesh tutu part is also very comfortable and not overly scratchy against your skin. 
This tutu is very poofy and ballerina like and as you can see it is full and sticks out just like you want it too to make that girly effect.

Along with lighted tutus, Electric styles carries a full line of lighted clothing and accessories for men, women, and kids. They carry lighted neck ties, bow ties, sunglasses, hoodies, lighted fur, hats, bras, tops, shirts, pants, shoes, and much more. New stuff arrives daily on their site so be sure to check back often. Shipping was fast and they have very prompt and courteous customer service. Not only are their products fun but they are functional too. And they make great gifts for anyone at any age. If you would like to learn more, or to place an order please click this link:

You can also check them out on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest. 

Snuggle Fabric Softener 
Fresh Spring Flowers Scent Mission
As a member of the Snuggle Bear Den I was asked to review this new scent of Snuggle Fabric Softener. I was sent a free bottle and I start using it as soon as it came. Right away I noticed how great the new scent smells. I love Snuggle products and this one is no disappointment. I first tried it out on some sheets and towels that needed washing. I'm pleased to say my sheets and towels came out the dryer super soft and smelling amazing. For days now my sheets have continued to smell great night after night. And they are soft making it relaxing to crawl in bed at night. My towels are soft and fluffy and smell great shower after shower.

This scent will be available in May and Snuggle products are available at your local grocery, Wal-Mart, Target, Kroger, Meijer, or wherever you shop. If you would like to give the new scent a try, please use this coupon to get .50 cents off your purchase:

I received this product for free in order to provide a review of from the Snuggle Bear Den.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

 Sport Neckband Hands Free Headphones

 These headphones are perfect for jogging or working out. I use mine when I go on long walks with my dog. There's no wires to get tangled up and in your way. They connect wirelessly through Bluetooth 4.0 to your devices like smartphones, I-Pods, tablets, computers and laptops, and of course Apple products. These headphones are really lightweight and the neckband is very flexible and comfortable to wear. I barely feel it when I have it on. 

Some other great features are the built in microphone for taking calls and the vibrating call alert feature that lets you know when someone is calling. The headset also has voice guidance which makes it easy for me to make and answer calls and redial the last number without having to use my phone. I love the 3 levels of battery status Battery Low, Medium, and High that can be displayed on my phone. The headset also blinks a blue light when the battery is low or when its Bluetooth pairing. This headset has an unusually long battery life as well which I love because I am always forgetting to charge things. About 5 hours of talk time and 7 hours of music play. 

But let's talk about the most important thing and that is how they sound. They deliver clear sound and a good amount of base. They almost completely cancel out background noises and you can hear your callers with crystal clear sound. This headset is exactly what I needed when I go hiking or when I go on long walks for hours with my dog. I love how they are so lightweight and how the earbuds fit so comfortably inside my ears. I no longer have to worry about cords hanging off me and getting tangled up in them. I can also take calls as a much needed added bonus. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

If you would like to order a set of these for yourself or as a great gift for someone, please use this link:

Etekcity Measuring Cup Scale 

I've been searching for quite awhile for the perfect measuring cup. One that would be large enough for me to measure out each ingredient that required multiple cups once, instead of having to measure one cup at a time. Also I wanted something lightweight, dishwasher safe, and above all accurate.  And I believe I've finally found it! 

The Etekcity measuring cup and scale was just what I was looking for. It features a digital measuring scale that is battery operated. The battery comes included when you purchase the measuring cup and it's readily available when you need to replace it. There's 3 functions buttons on the handle of the measuring cup one for On/Off and Zero out function, another for Mode, and the bottom button is for Units. The top of the handle has a nice LCD screen that can be programmed to take a customized measurement of  flour, milk, oil, and water. Basically your cooking and baking staples. The measuring cup detaches from the scale base so you can clean it after use. 
This measuring cup has ml and oz on the one side and cups on the other and has the capability to measure 1500ml, 48oz, or 6 cups. So you can get a lot measured fast. Instead of measuring out 4 cups of flour cup by cup, I can now measure out the full 4 cups that I need for pizza dough. The digital screen is easy to program and to read.  A detailed instruction booklet comes in the box with the measuring cup. And just like all Etekcity products, it is quality made and built to last. It also takes highly accurate measurements so you can rest assured your recipes will turn out exactly as intended. 

If you would like to learn more about this product, or if you would like to purchase a measuring cup scale, please click this link:
This would make a great hostess, housewarming, wedding shower, wedding, or dorm room gift. Anyone that cooks or loves to cook would love to receive this measuring cup.

King's Hawaiian 
Recently I was given the opportunity to try out and review some of the King's Hawaiian products. This company makes Hawaiian style sweet bread, round bread, mini sub rolls, dinner rolls, and buns for you to enjoy. They are readily available at most groceries and large chain stores like Kroger, Meijer, Wal-Mart, and Target. You can usually find these products in the bakery or deli sections of the store. 

King's Hawaiian bread is a very soft fresh bread that has a hint of sweetness to it that sets it apart from other breads. The sweetness to me has almost a hint of pineapple in the bread but the ingredients don't mention pineapple. The breads are great to eat by themselves or as a compliment to your meal. You can create delicious sandwiches, awesome appetizer dips, french toast, burgers, hot dogs and brauts,, or anything else you can think up to enjoy with this bread as a partner in your creation. So far I have given the sandwich bread a try and combined it with sliced deli turkey for a delicious daily lunch. Memorial Day is only a few days away and I plan on picking up a pack of Hawaiian dinner rolls as well as sandwich buns to make my cookout extra special and delicious for my guests. 

King's Hawaiian has a great website with recipes and information about there products including where to find them. You can even shop online, apply for a career with them, or join their email club. The club sends you great offers and scrumptious recipes sure to make your mouth water. To check out their website please click this link:

I want to give a big thank you to King's Hawaiian for allowing me to sample and try out some of their products.

Fabric clothes Shaver 
by: Home-It

I've been wanting a fabric shaver for a few years now but I never knew how effective they could be. I had used a few of the manual one's and they were never very effective. So when I tried this fabric shaver I was really surprised by how good a job it does and how easy it is to use. I get the fabric pilling on my yoga and sweat pants, leggings, blouses, and sweaters. It makes my nice clothes look old and worn out and I don't have the money to go out and buy new clothes all the time. But I still want to look my best so this little shaver is the perfect solution. It can be operated with 4 C sized batteries or you can use it like I do and just plug it in with the included power cord. It also comes with a small cleaning brush to use to keep the shaver part clean and obstruction free. The shaver is lightweight and easy to use. You just lightly run it over the surface you want to shave and it takes off pills, lint, and fuzz. It's quiet to operate too.On the back of the shaver there's a cup to catch the shavings and allows you to easily dump them into the trash. It doesn't cut or damage your clothes either. Everything I've used mine on has turned out looking almost new again. I'm very happy with this product and I recommend it to anyone that likes to keep their wardrobe or other fabrics in their home looking their best. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

To order a fabric shaver or to learn more, please use this link here:

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Java Factory Roasters 
Who doesn't enjoy a great cup of coffee? The taste and aroma are enough to get your taste buds in a frenzy. But a great tasting cup of coffee that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and require you to order at a drive thru is hard to find. I have the solution for you if you have a Keurig at home or at your work. Java Factory Roasters makes delicious coffee for your Keurig machine that tastes great and costs less than buying regular pods. 

Here are some facts you might not know about Java Factory Roasters:
  • These cups fit standard Keurig brewers as well as other single cup coffee makers. They don't fit the Tassimo brewer unfortunately
  • This coffee is Kosher
  • Made with 100% Arabica grounds
  • Contains no instant coffee
  • No added sugars or sweeteners
  • Inspected & Certified so you're getting a quality product
  • Nearly gluten free
So now that you got some quick facts there, lets talk about the most important part: 
What flavors are there and do they taste like?

I'll start with my 2 favorites the Vanilla Dream and the Choconut.
The Vanilla Dream is a vanilla and toffee flavored coffee. It is a lighter coffee but has a lot of sweetness and flavor. I love having a cup of this after a meal or as a nice afternoon or evening treat when I'm watching TV or working on the computer.

Choconut is a fusion of coconut and chocolate. It is another dessert like coffee that I love. I drink this flavor after a meal or again as a afternoon or evening treat when I'm in the mood for dessert. 

The next 2 are Smooth Caffeinator which is a medium roast and Wakey Wakey which is a light roast coffee. Both are perfect when you need a morning boost or need to stay up and work on reviews like I do a lot of nights. They taste great, not too strong and they give you that extra boost of caffeine  when you need it.

My last 2 are Dark And Handsome which is a extra bold dark roast coffee and Da Bomb which is double caffeinated and another dark roast coffee. These 2 I saved for last because I only use these when I'm in dire need to stay awake or need a bunch of energy. These are a bit too strong for my taste because I am more of the light roast lover. But if you're a double spot of espresso fan and love a quick spot of caffeine, or if you're pulling an all nighter than these 2 are for you.

Each flavor is available in 12, 24, and 40 count boxes. So you can stock up for yourself, or share with your family or coworkers at the office. They are much cheaper and a lot better tasting than the cups you buy at the grocery store. And its a lot more convenient and saves you money than going out for coffee. Java Factory Roasters can be ordered online and sent directly to your door just by clicking on this website link:

Overall I can honestly say that each of these flavors I love and receiving a variety box to try out I've really enjoyed.

Java Factory Roasters Giveaway