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Sharky by: Kast King
Available in 7 sizes this durable but lightweight fishing reel is sure to put a smile on Dad's face. The Sharky 6000, 8000, and 10000 models are both freshwater and saltwater approved. Features the anti reverse one way clutch system for smooth and easy use. Pick one up today at:

Apt X HV-900 Wireless Stereo Headset

 These headphones are perfect for jogging or working out. I use mine when I go on long walks with my dog. There's no wires to get tangled up and in your way. They connect wirelessly through Bluetooth 4.0 to your devices like smartphones, I-Pods, tablets, computers and laptops, and of course Apple products. These headphones are really lightweight and the neckband is very flexible and comfortable to wear. I barely feel it when I have it on. 

Some other great features are the built in microphone for taking calls and the vibrating call alert feature that lets you know when someone is calling. The headset also has voice guidance which makes it easy for me to make and answer calls and redial the last number without having to use my phone. I love the 3 levels of battery status Battery Low, Medium, and High that can be displayed on my phone. The headset also blinks a blue light when the battery is low or when its Bluetooth pairing. This headset has an unusually long battery life as well which I love because I am always forgetting to charge things. About 5 hours of talk time and 7 hours of music play.  
New Sport Neckband Headphones

For Dad's who love to ride these stylish Goggles are sure to impress. They come with a nice carrying pouch and lens cleaning cloth as well as a set of nose pads. Also they fit snugly to your face and allow no wind or no fog to obstruct your vision. Designed for both men and women so grab a few pair. 

For the Dad that loves all things tech I have this great USB lighted computer mouse. Its compatible with all the major operating systems including Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista, ME, 2000, MAC OS, or the latest operating system. It has a extra long 1.5 M braided wire cord and it connects by USB. Also features a soft rubberized scroll wheel that's easy to use and side mounted forward and backward buttons for comfort and easy to reach. It has a nice sporty design and decked out in stylish yellow and black. Its sure to impress the gamer or tech loving Dad on your list. 

If your Pops loves keeping his ride looking shiny and at its best you may want to give him a set of these. This is a 2 Pack of Chenille Car Wash Mitts. They are extra soft and made from the finest microfiber so they are scratch free. They do a variety of jobs from washing, scrubbing, and dusting your vehicle. Can clean dashes as well as LCD screens safely. They are safe to use on classic cars and motorcycles as well as the family car. These mitts have a comfortable elastic band that fits conveniently around your wrist making it easy to use and clean with. Very absorbent as well. 
Alaska Bear 2 Pack Chenille Car Wash Mitts

If your Dad's the family grill master then I have the perfect gift for you. The Quartermasters grill brush will keep Dad's grill clean as can be. Did you know you should always cook your food on a clean grill? It not only keeps you safe but improves te flavor of your food and protects you from grease flair ups.  This brush has 3 rows of stainless steel bristles to get in between and all around your grill sparkling clean. It also has a reinforced handle so its built for tough jobs. And its safe for all types of cooking surfaces including porcelain, Weber, Infrared, Charbroil, and other types without damaging it or scratching the surface. Comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

If you got a Dad that enjoys working out then put these lifting gloves on your gift list. They are fingerless and come in sizes small to extra large. Perfect for weightlifting, Crossfit, working out, driving, boxing, MMA, pullups, sparing, or however you like to exercise. They can be used by both men and women as well. Comfortable to wear and the elastic wrist strap keeps them snugly on your hands.  The company offers a lifetime guarantee and will refund your money if you are not satisfied. Dad is guaranteed to love these gloves. 

For the Dad who loves cycling these bike lights are bound to brighten his way and make his ride a lot safer and convenient. They can be attached to anywhere on a bike with the flexible rubber strap with hook and eye connectors. There's also a nice easy to use On/Off switch for operating the lights. And they recharge with the included USB cord that can be plugged into the wall outlet or into a car or computer.  Only takes 2 hours to be fully charged! The lights are extra bright and features 6 lighting functions on both the headlight and  taillight which are low beam, medium beam, high beam, 50% flashing, 100% flashing, and strobe. Great safety device that is easy to use. 

If you got a Mr. Fix It for a Dad then here's a gadget he's sure to appreciate. The Blitzu i3 Performance Headlamp will make all his projects a lot easier. Along with being a super bright headlamp it is also a floodlight and spotlight. There's 3 lighting functions which are and low, mid, and high beam, and a flashing red SOS function for emergencies. It has a comfortable elastic strap that easily fits around your head and doesn't slide around or sag down. The thing about this headlamp that sets it apart from others is instead of batteries it uses a micro USB built in charging port to power itself. Weighs just 4.4 ounces and battery lasts up to 100 hours in between charges. Perfect for working around the house, along with hunting, fishing, camping, cycling, climbing, reading, hiking, running, or emergency use. Comes with a lifetime warranty.

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For the music loving Daddy O grab him a set of these High-Fidelity headphones from Francois et Mimi. They feature volume and track controls conveniently on the unit, removable ear hooks, micro USB charging, and up to 6 hour playback time. Other great features is that they are noise cancelling, compatible with most devices, and have great HD sound. The sound quality of these babies is amazingly clear with a lot of bass. He'll be in love with these high tech headphones!

Here's a fun little gift that's bound to make Dad smile. These water speakers are really a lot of fun. They are perfect for any Dad who plays games, listens to music, or watches videos or movies on the computer. They connect via USB to laptops, desktop computers,  or other devices with USB. They put out great clear sound with lots of bass. Best of all they have different colored lights and water that jumps and pulsates to the beat of the music or whatever media you're listening to. 

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