Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Win one of these awesome tire gauges from Mountain Crest Products 

Life Tire Gauge Giveaway

Can't wait to decorate for the holidays with this adorable Christmas tree from: Ohuhu
I can't wait to decorate for the holidays with this adorable little Christmas tree. Its very full and looks like a real tree and really worth the price. It easily folds up to store in the box it came in. It comes with a stand that consists of 3 pieces that fit together on the trunk of the tree to make a sturdy stand. I love how the tree has a nice top so I can add a small star or angel to the top. The tree is perfect for a desk or as a table centerpiece. I plan on using mine on my dining room table as a centerpiece. I have a set of battery powered lights and some small ornaments that I am going to use to decorate the tree with. I can't wait for it to be Christmas time so I can enjoy this little tree. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

To purchase one of these awesome little trees, please use this link:

Decorate Your Space with Panda Pots 

Here in Ohio where I live our growing and planting season is over so I won't get to use these pots until next Spring. But these pots are going to look great on my porch and I can replace some of the old planters I have that are cracked and broken. These pots are nice and large and have plenty of drainage holes at the bottoms so you don't have to worry about root rot. The pots are strong and sturdy so they won't crack or break. Their size is perfect for flowers and vegetables. I plan to grow a patio tomato and a green pepper on my porch with 2 of the pots. The other 3 I plan on planting herbs and flowers in. The size of these pots gives you so many great planting options and they look great on a porch or deck. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

To order some of these planting pots, please use this link:

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Make the appetizers at your next party or event stay fresh with this handy serving tray 
from: Perlli

I love serving vegetables at my dinner parties, get together's, football parties, and other events. But when vegetables get left out for hours they get dry and withered and not very appealing. And if you put out dip with your veggies and fruits it can turn sour and be unsafe to eat. So when I seen this appetizer serving tray with the ice chamber underneath I knew I had to own one. This tray is awesome. Its built like a pie with 4 fourths that split into 2 chambers each. All 4 fourths lift out of the tray and all have handy covers to keep your food fresher and bugs from landing on it. There's also a small bowl with a lid that fits in the middle of the tray and holds your dip or spread. The bowl can also be put in the fridge and kept after the party. Underneath all this is the ice chamber that you fill with ice cubes. There's also vents in all 4 pie fourths so the cold air from the ice can easily get to the food. The appetizer tray has nice carrying handles on either side so its easy to hold and carry. I like to fill mine up with fruits and veggies and sometimes I do different kinds of cheeses and summer sausage or lunch meats. The appetizer tray is dishwasher safe so its easy to clean. The tray is nice and sturdy and not cheap or flimsy feeling. This tray is always a big hit when I have a party. Everything I serve in it stays crisp and fresh and delicious. If you do plan to serve it on a table I recommend putting a towel under it so it doesn't ruin a wood table because the ice does sweat a little. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it. 

To get one of these great serving trays, please use this link:

Have Fun Coloring Your Hair With Kisspat Hair Chalk

I love experimenting with hair color but I hate how dyes damage my hair. So I decided to try out these hair chalks. There's 24 colors so you can experiment and find your favorites, or like me you can match your hair to the color of your outfit. I've noticed that some of the colors don't show up as well on darker hair but that's to be expected. I have a section of my hair that's underneath the rest that is bleached blond so I mostly use these chalks on that part of my hair. They are easy to use you just wet the chalk a little or wet your hair its your choice and then rub the chalk stick on your hair. You can decide how dark you want the color to be on your hair by how much chalk you rub onto your hair. The chalk washes off easily when you shampoo your hair and doesn't make a mess on your clothes while you're wearing it. I like to talk multiple colors and make designs on my hair using multiple colors. These chalks are a fun way to color your hair without having to dye it. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

To order a set of these fun hair chalks, please use this link:

Organize Your Closet 
With This Organizer
 from: Ohuhu

If you're like me you never have enough room in your closet for all your stuff. On top of that I have to share a closet with my fiancee so I have limited places to keep my stuff. So to organize and make it easy to find my stuff I rely on closet organizers. This organizer would work perfect for belts, ties, purses, scarves, or as I'm using it for bras. I can hang all my most used bras on the hooks and be able to keep them organized and easy to find. This organizer also keeps my bras from being damaged or crammed in a dresser drawer and smashed. This organizer holds quite a few and I can hang more than one on each hook if I wish. You could also use it in other areas of your home to organize your things, like in the laundry room, pantry, bathroom, or wherever else you would need it. The organizer is made really nice of metal and hardwood and is not cheap or flimsy at all. I have no doubt this organizer will last me for years to come. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

To purchase one of these handy organizers for your home, please use this link:

I'm really loving my new storage bin
 from: Creative Scents

I live in a small condo and I'm always looking for ways to maximize space and have more storage. Also my end tables in my living room don't have drawers, just a big open area underneath so that doesn't leave many options for storage. This storage bin works great as a storage solution for all my things I like to keep next to the couch. The bin is made really strong and durable and is covered in nice strong fabric with faux leather handles and accents. The bin has nice strong white stitching and is lined on the inside as well. The bin is nice and deep so it can hold quite a lot. The bin also looks stylish and compliments my living room decor. These bins could also be used in a bathroom, your clothes closet, a hall closet, in the pantry, or even in the car. They are stylish and hold quite a lot of stuff. I love mine and I'm very happy with it. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it. 

If you would like to order a storage bin, they are available in 3 colors, please use this link:

Advanced Anvil Pruning Shears 

I got these pruners to prune my rose bushes and to clean up the yard and porch for the winter. I love the rotating handle it really does make it easier to use these pruners because there's much less stress on my hand and wrist. My wrist no longer gets sore the next day after working in the yard. I am left handed and these pruners are comfortable and easy for me to use. The blades are nice and sharp and easily go through even the thicker stems of my roses. The hand guard is great because it protects my hand from rose thorns. The handles are nice and have a rubberized feel making them easy to hold onto and use. There's a lock on the pruners so when you're not using them you can lock the blades together so you don't have to worry about getting cut or damaging the pruners. These pruners are lightweight and easy to use and make pruning my roses and other bushes easy. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

To order one of these great pruners, please use this link: 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Jola Case 
for Samsung Galaxy S5

I got this phone case for my Dad because he just got a new Galaxy S5 and he loves it. He's also on a budget so he can't afford to damage his phone especially since he keeps his phones several years before upgrading. This phone case is nice and slim but protects his phone well. He doesn't like the big bulky phone cases so this one works perfectly for him. The case has a kinda hard/rubberized feel to it that hugs the phone. It also has a kick stand on it that he likes to slide out and prop his phone up with to watch videos and movies on. It also comes with a surprise screen protector that he's very happy about getting. The case doesn't cause the phone to get hot either unlike some cases I've used in the past. The case is plain and basic just like he likes it. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

These cases are available in a variety of colors including black, blue, green, orange, red, and white. So you can choose a color that you will love. To order a case for your phone or like me for a parent, please use this link:

This Cutting Board From Naturelle 
Is Sure To Please Any Cook 

This cutting board is really nice, its large enough to cut up all the vegetables I need all at once for soup or a pot roast. There's a nice handle on the board so its easy to pick up and carry to the stove to dump meat or vegetables into a pan or pot. There's also a nice drip groove that goes all the way around the surface area of the board that's great for when you are chopping up cooked chicken or fruits and there's a lot of juice. The board is nice and thick too and it doesn't split or splinter. The board is smooth too and doesn't dry out like other boards I've used. I keep mine looking new by wiping it down with cutting board oil once or twice a month depending on how much I use it. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

To order a cutting board for yourself or as a gift, please use this link:

Storage Containers That Fold 
from: eightyfive

I live in a small home and I'm always looking for ways to maximize storage. I have an old wooden plant stand that's pretty sturdy and these storage containers fit perfectly in the shelves on this plant stand. Its almost like they were made for the plant stand, plus they really dress it up and make it look new again. I plan on painting the stand and getting another pack of these foldable containers for the other two shelves in it. These containers are nice and durable and have handles on them so I can easily pull them out like a drawer. They hold quite a lot of stuff and allow me to organize better. I love being able to repurpose an old piece of furniture and not have to spend a lot of money. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

To pick up a 2 pack of these foldable containers, please use this link:
Available in 3 bright colors.