Thursday, January 28, 2016

I Got A Great New Tablet From IRULU To Show You Guys!!
Large 10.1 inch screen comes with case and included full keyboard

Also comes with wall outlet charger for easy charging

Case is a strong, durable leather like material with a magnetic closure

Kickstand on the rear allows you to prop it up and use it like a touchscreen tablet with the keyboard

Full sized keyboard for easy typing

Rear of tablet with rear facing 2.0 mp camera and speaker

Close up on available input ports on this tablet and micro SD card slot

I have to admit I was really excited to get this tablet and when it arrived it was definitely worth the anticipation. If you're looking for a great full sized tablet that won't break the bank then this is the one for you. This is a Google Play tablet so it comes preloaded with all the Google apps that are really handy and very user friendly. It has a 10.1 inch screen so its a full size tablet and it comes with a case with a built in full keyboard. The case also has a nice soft durable leather like exterior with a magnetic closure and clips to thoroughly secure the tablet inside the case. There is also a kickstand on the back of the case for propping up the tablet and using it with the keyboard as a touchscreen laptop. 

The tablet is powered by a Quad Core processor 1.3 GHZ, and Android 5.1 Lollipop Operating system. For the money this tablet is quite fast and responsive. The 5.1 operating system is pretty fast and I am able to easily open multiple pages on Google Chrome and scroll through sites without any lag or freezing up. I also play some games on this tablet and there is never any lag or freezing up on the games either. The tablet has a built in 16 GB memory that is expandable with a micro SD card to up to 32 GB. There is a SD card port on the side to easily insert the memory card into the tablet. 

This tablet has front and rear cameras with flash and video recording features. The cameras 0.3 front and 2.0 rear which is fairly decent for quick shots or selfies. Along with that this tablet has a microphone port, up and down volume controls, on and off button, DC-5v for the included charger, headphone jack, and a OTG port that fits  micro USB plug. This tablet also has built in Bluetooth and WIFI so its quite accessible for almost any device. There's a speaker mounted in the back that puts out nice sound but I like to connect my Bluetooth speakers to the tablet for extra and more enhanced sound when I'm listening to music or watching movies or videos. The keyboard plugs into the tablet via the OTG port so it can be easily connected and disconnected when needed. 

This tablet has a nice 5,500 mAh battery that charges fully in under 2 hours and holds a charge all day long even when I'm playing games, watching videos, listening to music, and surfing the internet. I use this tablet for my school work and for games and watching movies off Amazon video and YouTube. The screen is nice and clear and bright and not pixelated like a lot of similarly priced tablets. This tablet's screen is every bit as bright as my Galaxy with a fraction of the cost. I wish I would of known about this tablet when I bought my Galaxy and saved the money and just got this one. I am very impressed with this tablet in every way. It has a lot of nice features that allow you to fully customize it to your liking. I used to lug my 18 inch screen laptop around at school and now I can just take this tablet with me and it does everything my laptop can do but in a more portable size. The tablet is lightweight too for its large size. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

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Best Drone by: Get Childish 
The Perfect Toy For Kids & Adults 
 Comes with everything you see here including battery for the drone, extra propellers, tool kit, USB charger, and user manual
Drone lights up with pretty red and blue LED lights perfect for night flying indoors or outdoors

 Quiet operation & propellers are safely inside craft so they don't get damaged
Controller is lightweight and easy to operate

This drone is so much fun to play with my fiancee and I love playing with it and the dog loves it too. The controller is lightweight and easy to operate even for a beginner. The drone came with the battery for it so I only had to furnish the 4 AA batteries for the control pad. The drone does need to be charged before you first use it, but it only took about 2 hours to fully charge the battery. Once it was charged the battery lasted a little less than an hour of indoor flying. The first few times we flew it we had to learn the controls and how it maneuvers so our flying time was only about half an hour. The drone is very lightweight and moves around really fast. Once you get the hang of it its very easy to fly and control. 

Some of the really cool functions of this drone is it can fly forwards, backwards, turn left and right, ascend and descend. Another great feature is it can fly 360 degrees around like a alien space ship which is really cute. It is also a headless drone which i find much easier to control and fly. It is also small and compact so it can be flown indoors and outdoors and you don't have to worry about it damaging your walls or furniture. The red and blue LED lights are nice and bright for night flying and it makes a cool glow on the floor or ground when you're flying it. The lights also make it easier to find if it does get away from you. The lights also blink when the batteries are getting weak so you know when you need to bring it back to you. The drone flies on the 2.4 GHz frequency too. 

This drone came with a nice tool kit with tiny screwdrivers, extra propellers, a USB cord to plug in and recharge the drone battery and a in depth user manual. Additional batteries can also be purchased for this drone to extend the battery life if you wanted to fly it for longer periods outdoors. This is a great little drone that's easy to operate and control even for a beginner like myself. You can start out slow and gradually increase it's flying speed the more you get comfortable with it. It is very responsive to the controls and you can get a good distance away from it and it is still responsive to the controller. I love playing with it and have a lot of fun flying it around with the dog. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

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Also be sure to check out my YouTube demonstration video here:

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Pamper Yourself With Pure Down
Comes in a 2 pack in Standard/Queen or King Size

Here are the pillows right out of the package before fluffing 

The left one has been fluffed and you can really see the difference!
Here we have both pillows fluffed and ready to sleep on

Pillows in Queen size cases, tight fit but nice and plump

Pillows have removable covers that can be machine washed

Nice double stitched seams and no loose threads

Pillow covers are made of a thick 300 thread count cotton

Nothings worse than a flat, worn out pillow, you wake up with headaches, sore necks, and just overall you don't sleep well. I suffer from allergies and sinus problems so sleeping on a flat or worn out pillow is something I cannot do. My sinus's clog up and I cannot breathe and I wake up congested and with terrible headaches. I have to keep my head elevated when I sleep. I am also a side sleeper and sometimes a stomach sleeper depending on my mood. And I like to sleep with several pillows one for my head and another to either hug or put between my legs to relieve tension in my lower back. So i needed good firm, supportive pillows that don't flatten out, get lumpy, or lose their shape. 

I gave these pillows a try and I was really impressed. For the price and the quality you get they are a real value. They come in a twin pack so that satisfied my need for multiple pillows. They also come in a zippered bag that can be reused for linens or other bedding if you wish. The pillows don't have any strong odors to them either unlike other pillows like the memory foam I've tried in the past. Right out of the package I noticed how high quality these pillows are. They are double stitched in the seams and all the seems are nice and straight with no loose or fraying threads. The pillows don't have any big tags or anything attached to them to poke you through the pillowcase either. The cotton covers on these pillows are nice and soft and have a satiny feel to them with a striped like pattern to the cotton. There's also zippers on the ends so the covers can be removed and machine washed another nice feature. The zippers are also very discreet and small so they won't poke you while you're sleeping. I love how these pillows are made of duck down they are much more soft and supportive than cotton fill or foam pillows. 

I love that these pillows have natural fill to them, I prefer to buy natural products over synthetic materials. After giving these pillows a fluff they puffed up to more than double their size right out of the package. I really had to push and stuff to get them in my queen size pillowcases which is a good thing. The first night I slept on these pillows I was amazed as soon as my head hit the pillow. They are soft but firm and hold their shape and support your head. My head sank into them slightly almost like laying on a big fluffy cloud. I haven't felt a pillow this comfortable in years. I can honestly tell you I fell asleep a lot faster than I usually do and I woke up the next day feeling rested and relaxed. No tossing and turning or having to fluff or readjust the pillow through the night either. These pillows held their shape and there was no huge dent in the pillow where my head had been all night. I've been sleeping on them now for almost 2 weeks and they show no signs of flattening out or losing their shape at all. They are just as good as they were the first night. 

I received this product in exchange for my honest, unbiased review of it. 

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Soothe Sore Backs With This Back Brace from: Ziraki 

I got this back brace for my Dad because he suffers from chronic back pain and sore back muscles almost every day. Since he started using this brace his back has been less stiff and sore and he can move around a lot easier. The brace he says is comfortable to wear and he can wear it either under or over his clothes. As he's wearing the brace it heats up a little and relieves the soreness in his back easier. He likes how he can work with the brace on or just relax around the house. The brace isn't big or bulky either so no one knows he's wearing it. There's a variety of sizes too so it was easy to measure and get the one to fit him. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

To learn more or to purchase please use this link:

Great For Thick & Long Hair 
Boar Bristle Brush from: Arabella

This brush works great on my waist length, super thick hair. The wooden handle is easy to hold and use without it falling out of my hand. The boar bristles massage and stimulate my scalp as I'm brushing my hair and it feels really good. The brush easily removes tangles and doesn't rip my hair out and cause me any pain. The brush also doesn't cause my hair to frizz or get split ends. I am very happy with this hair brush. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it. 

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These Beautiful Dragonfly Wing Earrings Compliment Any Outfit 

These dragonfly wing earrings are beautiful and compliment any outfit. I have sensitive ears so a lot of jewelry especially cheap or costume jewelry I cannot wear because it irritates my ears. These don't cause any irritation even when I wear them all day long day after day. They don't tarnish or discolor either. And they are lightweight so they don't feel heavy or uncomfortable on my ears. The earrings are really easy to put in my ears and take out. They also came with a nice cloth bag to keep them in. I get a lot of compliments on these cute earrings. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

To get your own please use this link:

Don't Get Caught In The Rain Without One Of These 

I love this umbrella. My favorite color is purple and I love the large flower design on this. I love how compact this umbrella is, it easily folds up and fits in my backpack or in the storage space in the door panel of my car. This umbrella is well made and doesn't rip out when its opened and closed. It is also very easy to open and close with the buttons on the handle. There's a strap to hold the umbrella closed and a wrist strap on the handle to carry it by or hang it from. There's also a sleeve to store the umbrella in too. The umbrella is nice and large too so it protects me and my backpack on my back and keeps me dry. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

To order one of these please use this link:

Surprise Your Sweetie With This Handsome Watch For Valentine's Day 

This is one handsome watch that I can't wait to surprise my fiancee with for Valentine's day. It is made of a high quality, shiny, elegant looking stainless steel that won't tarnish or corrode. The face of this watch is a shiny silver that looking metallic in the light and glows. The face also has roman numerals for the numbers that really make this watch look classy and elegant. There's also a date counter on the watches face so you can know both the time and date. The watch has a nice thick band that can be easily adjusted by removing links if needed. The band is also comfortable to wear and easy to get on and off with the easy to work clasp. This watch is also water resistant which is great because my fiancee will sometimes forget he's wearing his watch and get in the shower or pool. Now we don't have to worry about him ruining it with water. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it. 

To learn more about this stunning watch or to purchase please use this link:

Monday, January 25, 2016

Check Out These Glasses From Ozeri 
8 oz size in a set of 4
Made of heat & shatter resistant borosilicate glass
Double walled for extra insulation 
Dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe

I was in need of a good strong set of juice glasses for my kitchen. With kids and a fiancee in the house I knew they had to be tough and could withstand being tipped over and bumped. These glasses are nice and strong and are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. Which is great for me because I have one that likes to overheat things in the microwave and another that likes to put their drinks in the freezer and make slushes. These glasses are also a nice size, they are perfect for a morning glass of orange juice, a hot tea, hot cocoa out of our Keurig machine, or a quick glass of water or juice to take medicine with. They are double walled and insulated so no matter if we're handling cold or hot liquids are hands stay nice and cool and don't get burned. 

These glasses have thumb notched dimples in the glass all around them to make them easier to pick up and hold onto. This works especially well for smaller hands or when you're hands are wet and slippery. The glass is nice and thick too and not cheap or thin feeling. I love the design on these glasses and how they have a nice sleek smooth look to them that looks stylish and very modern. They compliment my table and look great with my dishes. They fit perfectly in the top shelf of my dishwasher too for cleaning. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it. 

To learn more or to order a set please use this link:

Handsome & Stylish This Is The Watch For A Well Dressed Man 

This is a great looking watch that is very well made and not cheap looking or feeling. It has a nice thick genuine leather band and a strong buckle that holds it on your wrist. The watch has many holes in the band to adjust it with so it fits almost any size wrist. The watch has a nice large face and dial so its easy to read the time. The face also has gold hands and accents on the face that are really eye catching with the shiny black background. I got this watch for my fiancee as a birthday present for his upcoming birthday and I know he's going to love it. He doesn't own a dress watch and this one will look great with a suit, tux, or just a sweater and slacks. The black goes with any outfit and looks really sharp on his wrist. I can't wait to surprise him with it. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

To purchase one of these stunning and affordable watches, please use this link: