Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Cute, Sexy & Surprisingly Comfy I Love These Suede Thigh High Boots from: J. Adams

I love my new vegan suede thigh high boots, now I just need to find the perfect outfit to wear with them. These boots have a sexy chunky heel that's surprisingly comfortable due to the good amount of support in the sole of these boots. They lace up the back and have a zipper down by the ankle so they go on easy and can be adjusted to fit your calves. These boots look great with a short skirt or dress or even tight leggings. They have the look and feel of real suede but are synthetic materials. Available in colors black suede, tan, taupe, and PU leather. I received this product deeply discounted in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Great Gift Idea!
17-in-1 Welding Iron Kit

This welding kit is just what I needed to fix a lot of things broken around the house. I can use this kit for both craft projects and to fix things. Its easy to use and comes with everything I need. The soldering gun is easy to hold and the handle stays cool so I don't get burned while using it. Everything fits in a nice zippered case too so none of the pieces get misplaced. 

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I received this product deeply discounted in exchange for my unbiased review.  
Tooks Hats
Sportec Band With Bluetooth Speakers
Makes A Great Gift For Anyone!

 Right now its about 5 degrees outside and I have 2 dogs to walk and I can say I'm not looking forward to it. But I just tried on my new Sportec Band from Tooks and its so soft and warm. Its made out of a fluffy soft  warm fleece!  And fits my head snugly so it won't move around but its not too tight so it won't squeeze my head. Its also wide enough to cover my ears and keep them nice and warm and keep the wind out of them. The band also has the cute Tooks logo sewn right on it.

But did I tell you the best part of my Tooks Sportec Band??? Its also got little pockets inside it for Bluetooth headphones that come with the band. Yep so now I can listen to my music while I'm out walking my dogs. The headphones are Bluetooth so they're wireless so no messy cords to get  in the way. And they sync to my phone, I-Pod, other MP3 player, or any device with Bluetooth. The headphones put out great sound too. I like my music loud and they get nice and loud with lots of bass and the vocals and voices are crystal clear. You can also take phone calls on your cell phone with these handy little speakers. And with the included USB cable they easily charge up fast and one charge lasts be for days so they have great battery life! Just in case you're not super techie they also come with an easy to follow instruction booklet about setting up and using them.

The Tooks Sportec Band is machine washable (without the headphones inside of course) and you just lay it flat to dry. Tooks also makes a full line of other hats for men and ladies. Some of their available styles include the Classic, Brigade, Velocity, Flapjac (I'll be purchasing this one its so adorable!) Ivy, Vizor, and Sportec Skully. You can check these out on their website here:

And if you're wondering about how they came up with the name "Tooks" it comes from the French-Canadian word "Touque" which means beanie. Tooks is also pronounced like "two" 
 I want to give a huge THANK YOU to the people at
 Tooks Hats 
for providing me with this product to test out and review.
Makes A Great Gift For Any Minions Fan "Bob The Hugger"
From 3D Light FX

 Christmas is right around the corner and if you're still looking for the perfect gift for anyone young or old that loves the minions then I have the perfect gift. Meet Bob he's the hugger and his arms are extended to give you a hug. He's around 10 inches tall and wants to bust out of your wall and give you a hug. 

Bob requires 3 AA batteries that easily insert into the back of him and he'll light up and fill your room with a gentle glowing nightlight. There's a on/off/timer switch on the side of Bob so he can easily be turned on or off without having to remove him from the wall. He comes with screws and wall anchors to hang him on your wall. He also comes with a vinyl crack sticker that when Bob is mounted in front of it he looks like he's coming right through your wall. Its a really neat effect and since its a vinyl sticker its easy to apply and won't damage my wall. Currently I'm in the process of repainting so I'm going to hang Bob and his crack sticker after I've finished painting. Until then though he's going under the tree and will make a great gift for the little minion lover in our house. I'm a huge minion lover as well so I'll be enjoying him too. I love how his whole body glows and its a gentle yellow colored LED light that's not too bright so it won't keep anyone awake. Bob makes a great conversation piece as well.

Not a fan of Bob or the minions? Well 3D Light FX has a full line of deco lights from Batman, Superman, Olaf, My Little Pony, Star Wars, SpongeBob, Paw Patrol, and many more. They are available online and at Target stores. 

Check out their full line here at:

I want to give a huge Thank You to 3D Light FX and US Family Guide for giving me a sample in exchange for my unbiased review!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Scrape-A-Round Really Gets The Job Done!

 When I first unboxed the Scrape-A-Round I was a bit skeptical about how it would work and how effective it would be. I didn't have long to wait to try it out, here in Ohio our first snow was 3 days after they arrived. A good five inches of the white stuff! So I took the Scrape-A-Round outside to my car and put it to work. The cap was easy to insert into the top opening of the cone and it fits snugly so it don't slide out as you're using it. 

The points on the cap did a great job breaking up the hard sections of ice that were stuck to my windows. I first started the car and turned on the defrosters, then sprayed a little deicer on the windows and the cap broke it up and got rid of it in nothing flat. I didn't have to smack on the ice to break it off the glass like I used to do with my old ice scraper. I was able to use the larger end of the cone as a scoop to scoop away the piles of snow on the windshield and back window. I didn't get snow all over me like when I use a brush to clean it off. The 18" scraping surface really gets the job done fast! I had my whole car cleaned off and ready to roll in about 5 minutes, before it would of taken 10 to 15 minutes. That's a huge improvement especially when you're standing out in the cold and running late to work! Did I mention the high was 18 today :( Brrrrr! 

I must say I was very impressed by the Scrape-A-Round and I want to give a big Thank You to this company for sending me their product to review. These scrapers are available in large and petite sizes and a variety of colors. You can find out more or place an order by visiting their website here:


Monday, December 12, 2016

Laser Lights Projector 
from: Starry Laser Lights 
This has to be my new favorite decoration for Christmas and better yet it can be used year round for birthdays, parties, or other special occasions. It uses 99% less energy than regular string lights and there's no hassle hanging it like with string lights. It can be used indoors and outdoors as well and easily mounts in the ground with the included yard stake. The cord is nice and lengthy and you can buy extensions to the cord too if needed. The tiny red and blue dots can illuminate up to 1200 sq ft when placed 25ft out, so it covers the whole front of your home. There's also a built in timer if you forget to shut it off. The laser is available in red and blue, or blue and green laser lights. 

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.

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Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker 
from: Ancord 

This speaker is around a foot tall but it puts out great big sound. There's a lot of bass too coming out of this little speaker. I love that its Bluetooth because it syncs to all my devices laptop, TV, I-Pod, tablet, and phone. I use it to listen to music, watch movies, and TV shows. It charges up fast and comes with a charger and a aux cable great for connecting it to non Bluetooth compatible devices like my old radio. I can also take phone calls on it with my cell phone. 

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Beautiful Angel Figurine 
This beautiful angel is the perfect addition to my Christmas decorations. She's the perfect height to stand beside my antique ceramic Christmas tree. She is very well made and I love how she is holding a tiny red heart. Her long hair and wings are nicely detailed. She is definitely keepsake quality and I will treasure her for years to come.

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.

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Super Soft Bamboo Washcloths 
from: Lulybaby
These bamboo washcloths are super soft and are the perfect thickness for washing babies or for adults too. They don't fall apart or shrink when you wash them either. They fit in the creases of your body. I love the beautiful pastel colors as well. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.

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Cuteness Overload! These Baby Girl Bandana Bibs Are The Sweetest!
From: Lulybaby

These baby bandana bibs are so stinking cute. They are super soft and has metal snaps so they easily fit around your baby. They are so handy and they don't get in the way when your babies wearing them. I've washed mine several times and they still look like new. They are definitely a favorite in my house. 

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.

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Super Cute Fish Throw Pillow Cover 
 This pillow case cover is super cute and is made from soft material. The cover has a zipper closure so it was easy for me to insert a pillow in it. I have two dogs that love to lay on the furniture and so far this pillow cover has withstood the dogs laying and climbing on it. 

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.

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Cute Western Style Ankle Boots 
For The Ladies!
From: Zooshoo

 These are such a stylish and comfy pair of ankle boots. I have several other pairs of ankle boots but none are near as comfy as these are. I can walk the mall all day Christmas shopping in these. They look great with jeans or leggings too. These ankle boots are faux suede but are soft and look and feel just like real suede. The soles are a hard rubber so they won't have me sliding around if I want in a little snow or rain. The side zipper makes them easy to get on and off too.

I received this product deeply discounted in exchange for my unbiased review.

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Solar Powered Turtles On A Log 

 So cute and solar powered so there's no need for batteries or cords. These turtles are made from a strong resin so they are durable and strong. The turtles and the log are very detailed and realistic looking. I love how the shells light up at night. Can be used indoors or outdoors and makes a cute decoration. 

I received this product deeply discounted in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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