Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dot & Dot Car Seat Back Protector

These are awesome back of seat covers for anyone that wants to keep their car looking nice and retain its resale value. They are great at keeping your backseat rider's feet off your seat. They also work well when you have pets in the car too. I love how they wipe clean with just a damp rag. And they install onto your seat really easy too. You just connect the top and bottom strap around your seat and they're ready to go. The straps don't irritate you while your sitting in the front seats either. And the seat covers stay snugly in place, so there's no bunching up or sliding around. They come in black so they match almost any car's interior. And they are big enough to fit almost any seat in either your car, truck, or SUV. 

The seat back covers come in a resealable pouch that can be reused for other things after you install your seat back cover. If you would like to order a seat back cover here is the website for you to do so:

I received this product from the company for review purposes. My honest opinion and unbiased review of the product has been provided here. 

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