Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ozeri 42 inch Oscillating Tower Fan

Let me tell you about this really nice tower fan that has been a great addition to my home. It features noise reduction technology and a stylish appearance. 
This fan has 3 programmable airflow patterns that are designed for comfort, sleep, and relaxation. It also has a 12 hour timer that can be programmed in 1 hour increments for your convenience. This fan has 3 speeds that are low, medium, and high and all are whisper quiet. 

Some of the things I love about this fan is the LED lighted front panel that's visible in the light and darkness. This panel can also be turned off when you want to sleep. Another great feature of this fan is it tells you the temperature of your room right on the front of it in LED. This fan oscillates back and forth and oscillation can be turned on and off with the touch of a button.  It has a really handy long range remote that stores right in its own bay on the top of the fan. The top panel opens up where you find an additional set of controls for the fan and the remote storage. Fan is very lightweight and features a convenient carrying handle in the back of it. Assembly of the fan was really quick and easy and fan is adjustable in height with a removable column. The base is very sturdy and strong so this fan is safe around children or can be taken to the office.  

 This fan is very stylish and goes with any decor. Comes with a warranty so you can purchase with peace of mind. Also makes a great Holiday gift. If you would like to purchase an Ozeri Tower Fan for yourself or as a gift, here is the Amazon link for you to purchase:

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