Thursday, October 27, 2016

I Got Ordained I'm Now A Priestess Of Love Through The Reiki Temple!!

Check out my beautiful certificate!!
The certificate is emailed to you after completing the coarse, I would prefer t mailed but it is still a beautiful certificate that I will end up framing and putting on my wall. I plan on printing it as soon as I get some colored ink for my printer. 

This website is very user friendly and easy to navigate. I learned a lot and all of the reading was easy to read and follow. (No big words!) LOL This was such a fun review to do and now I have this awesome certification that I can use. I had thought before about getting ordained but I never knew quite how to go about it. This website and coarse made it so easy. The coarse costs $99 but I received it in exchange for my review. There are other courses for certification on the website as well. 

This has been very rewarding and I'm pleased to add being ordained to my resume. Being ordained comes with a lot of perks like presiding over a marriage ceremony, leading other sacred ceremonies, giving blessings, and more. And I love how the Reiki Temple is all about divine love something we definitely need more of and I'm glad I can help spread that message.

If you too would like to become ordained, or take advantage of some of the other courses they have to offer, or if you just want to learn more please visit"



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