Thursday, December 15, 2016

Tooks Hats
Sportec Band With Bluetooth Speakers
Makes A Great Gift For Anyone!

 Right now its about 5 degrees outside and I have 2 dogs to walk and I can say I'm not looking forward to it. But I just tried on my new Sportec Band from Tooks and its so soft and warm. Its made out of a fluffy soft  warm fleece!  And fits my head snugly so it won't move around but its not too tight so it won't squeeze my head. Its also wide enough to cover my ears and keep them nice and warm and keep the wind out of them. The band also has the cute Tooks logo sewn right on it.

But did I tell you the best part of my Tooks Sportec Band??? Its also got little pockets inside it for Bluetooth headphones that come with the band. Yep so now I can listen to my music while I'm out walking my dogs. The headphones are Bluetooth so they're wireless so no messy cords to get  in the way. And they sync to my phone, I-Pod, other MP3 player, or any device with Bluetooth. The headphones put out great sound too. I like my music loud and they get nice and loud with lots of bass and the vocals and voices are crystal clear. You can also take phone calls on your cell phone with these handy little speakers. And with the included USB cable they easily charge up fast and one charge lasts be for days so they have great battery life! Just in case you're not super techie they also come with an easy to follow instruction booklet about setting up and using them.

The Tooks Sportec Band is machine washable (without the headphones inside of course) and you just lay it flat to dry. Tooks also makes a full line of other hats for men and ladies. Some of their available styles include the Classic, Brigade, Velocity, Flapjac (I'll be purchasing this one its so adorable!) Ivy, Vizor, and Sportec Skully. You can check these out on their website here:

And if you're wondering about how they came up with the name "Tooks" it comes from the French-Canadian word "Touque" which means beanie. Tooks is also pronounced like "two" 
 I want to give a huge THANK YOU to the people at
 Tooks Hats 
for providing me with this product to test out and review.

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