Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Weather Outside Is Icy & Cold 
But Inside I'm Toasty & Warm
 Thanks To My 
Ozeri Dual Zone Ceramic Heater!
 Dual zone heat or blowing air on top and bottom!
 Washable filters that trap and remove airborne dust and dirt. These can be rinsed clean monthly
 Easy to follow instruction manual and long range full function remote control
 Color LCD screen with touch control buttons and room thermostat
 Programmable timer for up to 12 hours
 Heavy tempered glass base that won't tip over even on carpet
 Space saving design that compliments any decor, even the dog loves it!
 Its January and here in Ohio its snowing and below freezing both day and night. I live in a older home that has a lot of drafts and poorly insulated walls so my house is chilly inside on most days. Turning up the heat is not an option because my family is on a budget. So I use heaters to keep the room warmer and this Ozeri heater perfect. My home is small and this heater doesn't take up a lot of room with its tower design. And it has an attractive design that looks great with my home decor. Its a dual zone heater so its really 2 in 1. You can program it to run with both heaters on or just one or the other. Its also a fan so it can be used year round to keep me warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

The Ozeri OZH1 was easy to assemble it took no tools and only took about 5 minutes to attach the base and it was ready to use. (Be sure not to over tighten the base) The remote comes with the battery and is easy to install the battery into. The base is made of heavy tempered glass so its sturdy and won't tip over or wobble even when on carpet and my 2 dogs bump into it. The heater has a programmable thermostat, 12 hour timer that can be programed in 1 hour increments, it can be set to run both heaters or one, and at heat or cool. There's a high and low setting for the air flow too and I love the swing function that oscillates the heater back and forth. 

My favorite part of the heater besides that it makes my living, dining, and kitchen warm and toasty is how quiet it is. You can barely hear it when its on even when its set to high. It doesn't drown out the TV or when I have music playing. Its got a handle on the back so I can carry it into my bedroom at night and its so quiet it doesn't keep this light sleeper awake. The heater is cool to the touch so it can safely be around pets or small children without the risk or burns or other injuries.

Maintenance on this heater is super easy as well. There's a door for each motor on the back that you open up to a washable filter pad. These filters can be rinsed in the sink and reused over and over. The filters help remove dust and dirt particles out of the air which is just what this indoor allergy sufferer needed. I recommend this product to anyone that has limited space in their home and limited storage because it both heats and cools and doesn't take up a lot of room. It works great too and heats up large rooms in only minutes.  

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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