Thursday, June 8, 2017

Summers Here So Why Not Enjoy Something Sweet?
I've never been a huge bottled iced tea drinker because I preferred to make my own. But after I tried this Straight Up Tea from Snapple I've since changed my mind. I was given the opportunity from Smiley 360 to sample this product for free with the 2 free coupons they sent me in the mail. I headed over to Target and found these in the refrigerated drink case by the registers in the front of the store. I chose the sweet flavor but they also had unsweetened too. I brought both bottles home and put them in my fridge for a few days. Then today after my walk I decided to give the Straight Up Tea a try. 

Right away I was pleasantly surprised that this bottled tea didn't have a strong aftertaste or artificial sweetener taste to it. In the past nearly all bottled iced teas I had tried had a real strong artificial taste that I despised. This was very refreshing with no aftertaste and it tasted just like my own iced tea I make myself. Its sweet but not too sweet or syrupy tasting. It has a great tea flavor to it as well. The bottle is a nice size too so there was plenty to quench my thirst. This might seem silly but I like the shape of the bottle as well because it fits easily in the drink holder in my car where most bottles won't. This is definitely a bottled iced tea I can see myself drinking everyday. I've already went back to Target and bought more!

I received 2 sample bottles of this product free to try. 

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