Monday, October 16, 2017

Great For Older Dogs or Female Dogs
 These adorable pet diapers are great for older dogs that sometimes have urine accidents or female dogs in heat. They are machine washable so they are easy to clean. The lining is padded so its very absorbant for leaks. There's velcro straps on both sides of the diapers so they're easy to get on and off your dog. I have an older Pug and he likes to be stubborn putting anything on so the velcro straps really help me get these on and off him. There's also a cute little hole for his tail too! These diapers also have stretchy elastic so they stay on him and they fit a variety of dogs from small to larger dogs. There's a variety of cute patterns and colors to choose from.

This company also makes wraps for male dogs as well and has other pet products.

 If you would like to purchase these please use one of these links:

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