Thursday, November 2, 2017

So Cute & Functional This Hippo 
Hot & Cold Water Bag
This adorable plush hippo is also a hot and cold water bag. If you're not feeling well or dealing with cramps this little hippo is your new best friend. The rubber water bag fits inside the plush hippo so you have a soft and adorable pal to hang onto. There's an opening on the back of the hippo that has a velcro closure that allows you to put the water bag inside of it. The hippo itself is made with a super soft velvet feeling material. It really does look and feel like a stuffed animal! The water bag can be used for hot and cold water as well as ice. Its made with really thick strong rubber and has a rubber sealed screw like cap to keep it leakproof. 

I love hippos and if you or someone you know does too so this would make a great gift. They also have other animals as well. There's been so many times I've had swelling from an injury or had to deal with horrible menstral cramps and this hippo hot and cold water bag would have really come in handy. I love how it can be used for hot or cold water and even ice. Recently my fiancee strained his ankle pretty bad to where it was very swollen for 4 days. We were using plastic bags with ice to help bring down the swelling. It was messy and uncomfortable using the plastic bags. This hippo water bag would have kept his ankle dry and more comfortable. If you'd like to learn more or to place an order please use this link:
I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  

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