Monday, May 7, 2018

Dr. Jacobs Naturals Castile Soaps 

I must admit I'm new to Dr. Jacobs and their products but since given the chance to try out some of their products, I am in love and will be using these from now on. When you first see and pick up a bottle or bar of Dr. Jabobs castile soap you notice right away the generous size of their products. The large bottle of face and body wash is 32 ounces and the smaller size is 16 ounces so quite generous.  The 16 ounce also comes with a pump so its easy to dispense in the shower. Their bars of soap are 5 ounces so again quite generous.

So I decided to give these a try in the shower. The liquid face and body washes are nice and thick not watery like a lot of other body washes. I tend to purchase thicker liquid face and body washes because they stay put on my washcloth or shower loofahs. And when the liquids thicker I use less and therefore save money since I'm buying less. The Dr. Jacobs foamed up and made a nice lather right away so I was able to soap up my entire body with just a small (quarter sized) amount of product. These soaps smell so good let me just say these have so much scent too them but the scents aren't strong and overpowering. The 2 scents I was sent to try were Almond Honey and Peppermint. The peppermint smells just like a fresh red and white peppermint disc you unwrap and eat after a meal. The almond honey smells just like almonds and honey, sweet with the fresh almond scent. Both liquids are made with natural oils so they don't smell artificial or feel that way on my skin. These face and body washes boast they are for all skin types. I myself have oily skin on my face that is acne prone and drier skin that is more sensitive on the reat of my body. Since I've started using these to shower with daily I haven't had any extra redness, irritation, or break outs.

I decided to save the bar soap to use at my sink when I wash my face and hands in the morning when I wake up. The bar I was sent to try is called Coco Loco Limeade. It smells very muchlike fresh coconuts with a nice hint of lime. I love how refreshing it is in the morning when I use it to wash my face. It makes my skin feel really soft and clean. It removes all the greasiness from slepping all night. My face feels clean and fresh for the day.
 If you're not a fan of coconut lime, peppermint, or honey almond don't fret, Dr. Jacobs has an abundance of scents to meet the needs of everyone. From florals like lavender and rose, also eucalyptus, tea tree, shea butter, citrus, coconut, and even unscented.  So there's plenty of options. I love how the Dr. Jacobs soaps don't have a bunch of hard to pronounce ingrediants in them. They're also budget friendly priced too so you won't go broke buying these all natural products. 

I received these products in exchange for my review, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are my honest opinions of these products. 

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