Thursday, December 10, 2020

Looking For That Great Gift For The Guy In Your Life? Then Look No Further.....

 The Lawn Mower 3.0 

from: Manscaped

Comes with this handy stand to store your trimmer in when not in use. Trimmer is waterproof so it can safely be used in the shower.

Comes with everything you see here trimmer, stand, charging cord, cleaning brush, and storage pouch.
Up close view of the Lawnmower 3.0. It has a handy LED light right on top of the trimmer to give you a better view when you're using it.
Trimmer motor is quiet and has very low vibration and the battery life is outstanding at around 90 minutes per charge. The blades have SkinSafe technology so there's no worries about cutting or knicking your most sensitive areas. And the blades are replaceable so instead of throwing it out you can save money by just replacing the blades with new. 

 My husband loved how this trimmer was sharp so he wasn't going over the same areas over and over again. Unlike other trimmers he can use this in the shower which saved him a lot of time and no messy hair to clean up off the bathroom floor because all the mess was in the shower and went down the drain. And he was all too pleased about how this trimmer has a handy LED light and didn't cut his skin on his all too sensitive areas. He said the trimmer fits snugly in his hand and has handy grips on it so he didn't drop it once while using it. He wishes he would of tried one of these trimmers sooner!

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