Thursday, February 19, 2015

Neater Feeder Dog & Cat Feeders
Today I have another great pet product to tell you about! This is the Neater Feeder and is for both dogs and cats. It comes in several sizes so you're sure to find the right size for your pet. Here is a breakdown of the sizes:
(fits dogs weighing up to 18 lbs & 6 to 9 inch shoulder height)
(fits dogs weighing 15 to 40 lbs & 9 to 12 inch shoulder height) 
Medium size was also used in this review
(fits dogs weighing 35 to 100 lbs & 15 to 21 inch shoulder height)
And last but not least the Cat Neater Feeder
(fits cats with a 6 inch + shoulder height)

Another great thing about these bowls is that you can purchase accessories that fit right on your Neater Feeder base. These are:
Polar Bowl (keeps water cold all day long)
Slow Feed Bowl (helps avoid upset stomachs)
Leg Extensions to add height
Replacement bowls & Non Slip pads

They are available in colors like cranberry and bronze.

The Neater Feeder is dishwasher safe or can be simply wiped clean.

So there are the details, now let me tell you how its working out for us. We received our Neater Feeder in the mail in no time at all shipping was surprisingly fast. And it came packaged really well and arrived by UPS right at our door. We chose the cranberry color seeing how it matched our decor best.  Its easy to put together too, it took less than a minute to assemble and be ready to use. Our Neater Feeder came with leg extensions. 

Here you can see a photo of what we've been using. You you look closely at the food bowl you will see that its been broken and glued back together. Also the metal stand is rusting from age. When Yoshi would drink from this bowl he would spill water all over the floor. And when he ate, dog food would get all over the floor and underneath things like the washing machine.  Also food that landed under the bowls was hard for him to get to and he would end up trying to take out kibbles with his paws and spill even more water. It made for a real mess. And to make matters worse we live in a small home and have to keep Yoshi's food and water in the laundry room. So when I would go to do laundry I would end up with wet socks or be stuck digging kibble out from under the washer and dryer. 

Here are a few photos I took throughout the past week of the Neater Feeder being used. Now there's never any water on the floor because the holes in the top tray catch all the water and collect it neatly in the tray below. Food is also neatly kept either in the metal food bowl or inside the walls of the feeder. These bowls also hold a lot more food and water than what we had before. So I'm now finding that I'm filling up Yoshi's water bowl less. And he seems to be drinking more water I'm guessing because the metal bowl keeps it cooler and tastes better than the ceramic did. As for myself I haven't had to pick up one kibble of food in over a week, wipe up any water spilled, and my socks have been nice and dry. 
The Neater Feeder is a hit in our house.

I have a few videos uploaded on YouTube if you would like to check them out. Here are the links:

If  you would like to learn more, or to purchase a Neater Feeder for your home or as a gift, here is the link to learn more:
Twitter @NeaterFeeder

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  1. Wow What A Great post! I have to get my cat snd dog one of these! The neater feeder is actually very stylish and beats any animal food tray I have ever seen, it also looks like it protected ts from spills. I am getting this now!

  2. Yes I have a cat and dog inside and 3 dogs outside :)

  3. We have 2 cats, a young adult named Sammy and a senior boy named Morris.

  4. We have 1 dog. He is a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix. This would be perfect for him.

  5. I have a dog who could definately use this!

  6. I have a dog and a cat. The food/water messes & spills drive me crazy as well as are a bit dangerous as I have slipped on the spilled water before.

  7. I have a dog and a cat. The food/water messes & spills drive me crazy as well as are a bit dangerous as I have slipped on the spilled water before.