Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Make the appetizers at your next party or event stay fresh with this handy serving tray 
from: Perlli

I love serving vegetables at my dinner parties, get together's, football parties, and other events. But when vegetables get left out for hours they get dry and withered and not very appealing. And if you put out dip with your veggies and fruits it can turn sour and be unsafe to eat. So when I seen this appetizer serving tray with the ice chamber underneath I knew I had to own one. This tray is awesome. Its built like a pie with 4 fourths that split into 2 chambers each. All 4 fourths lift out of the tray and all have handy covers to keep your food fresher and bugs from landing on it. There's also a small bowl with a lid that fits in the middle of the tray and holds your dip or spread. The bowl can also be put in the fridge and kept after the party. Underneath all this is the ice chamber that you fill with ice cubes. There's also vents in all 4 pie fourths so the cold air from the ice can easily get to the food. The appetizer tray has nice carrying handles on either side so its easy to hold and carry. I like to fill mine up with fruits and veggies and sometimes I do different kinds of cheeses and summer sausage or lunch meats. The appetizer tray is dishwasher safe so its easy to clean. The tray is nice and sturdy and not cheap or flimsy feeling. This tray is always a big hit when I have a party. Everything I serve in it stays crisp and fresh and delicious. If you do plan to serve it on a table I recommend putting a towel under it so it doesn't ruin a wood table because the ice does sweat a little. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it. 

To get one of these great serving trays, please use this link:

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