Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What A Great Day Had By All At The Ohio Renaissance Festival
Barbarian Invasion Weekend

 Rrrrr matey we loved the pirate show!!!
 Full armored jousting the real deal!
We met a new friend


 My favorite I look forward to it every year!
Fresh funnel cake covered in apples and powdered sugar
The Dirty Steak sandwich
 I never knew the Black Knight was so tall
 Found these beautiful flowers growing by the pond
 Is it a shop or a tree? Go inside and see!
 Love the castle dungeon my favorite part!

Some Souvenirs we took home
 So much to do!

My family and I had a great time this past weekend at the Ohio Renaissance festival. The weather was perfect for our day and we decided to visit on Barbarian Invasion weekend. There's so many awesome shows and stunts to check out and this weekend featured a turkey leg eating contest and a test of strength contest. These were both a ton of fun to watch and cheer on. Along with the stunts and shows we enjoyed some delicious food and drinks and walked around to all the unique shops. 

My favorite food has to be the made fresh funnel cakes with fruit toppings. I chose apple but there are other flavors like cherry, banana, and strawberry that are equally as good. We also enjoyed a dirty steak sandwich smothered in onions and peppers. We washed down our meal with a glass of delicious spirits. After we ate we walked around to all the shops and enjoyed watching some of the artists create their unique renaissance inspired crafts. There are so many period dressed actors and vendors that you really do feel  like you've went back in time to the Renaissance. I took home an adorable mad hatter inspired mini top hat and a white fox tail. 

My favorite part of the day had to be watching the full armored joust. This is a real joust people its not fake! They break real lances and knock each other off the horse.  They also played some games and let us witness a beheading! (cantaloupe on the head) :) It was so much fun rooting on my knight to win the joust sadly though our side lost to the Black Knight :( Boo! But we loved seeing the horses charge down the field and the crack of the wooden lances!

There was plenty of parking which was $5 in the grassy field. Restrooms were also readily available with no long lines. Lines for food and drinks were also very short as well. There was also plenty of handicapped parking and motorcycle parking available as well. 

We had such a great time and will definitely be returning next year! 

A big thanks to US Family Guide, Ohio Renaissance Festival, & Cheryl at Brimstone & Fire for providing us 4 free tickets!

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