Monday, September 25, 2017

Fall on the Farm 
Blooms & Berries Farm
 Loveland Ohio

At Fun Time Had By All

 We visited Blooms & Berries Fall on the Farm during the Sunflower festival weekend (Sept 23,24). There's a large field of sunflowers that were all in full bloom and it was absolutely breathtaking.
 This place has so much to see and so many beautiful flowers!
 Each year the 7 acre (yes I said 7 acres!) corn maze changes to a different theme. This year's theme was The Migration Mystery. There's also a smaller kid's maze for the little ones. We had a lot of fun solving the mystery and finding all the pieces of the puzzle. The maze is easy to get around in too nice wide walkways and almost no uneven pathways.

We enjoyed wandering around and enjoying the giant slide, plinko game, corn box, duck races, and of course the 7 acre corn maze! Be sure to check out the adorable cow train your little ones will simply love it! We got such a laugh taking turns getting our photo with the outhouse built to look like you're sitting on the throne! Lol! My favorite has to be the animals I've always been a big animal lover. Have you ever seen a rabbit living with chickens? Well I did at Blooms & Berries! I was even able to snap a photo of it that you can see above. Along with chickens and rabbits there's lambs, donkeys, turkeys, pheasants, and my fav the baby goats. 

 After our hayride we decided to go into the barn to cool off and enjoy some fresh cold cider and fresh popcorn. We wondered around the barn browsing through the fresh honey, homemade fudge, caramel apples, and peanut butter, apples, apple butter, mums, and handmade crafts and decorations. The mums and other Fall flowers were all so full and beautifully bright colored almost breathtaking. There's so much to see inside the full farmer's market Blooms & Berries offers.

 We decided to take home a gallon of their delicious apple cider, some apples, caramel apples, and pumpkins. They have so many different varieties of pumpkins and Fall squash and gourds. We even found this football shaped squash called a Hubbard squash that my Mom hadn't seen since she was a little girl visiting her Grandma. It brought back a wonderful memory for her so we decided to take one home. Now she can save seed from it and grow them in her own garden next year. 

We'll definitely be returning to Blooms & Berries next year and making it a part of our Fall family tradition. 

If you would like to know more about Blooms & Berries or the Fall on the Farm event, please visit:


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