Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Love The New 
Splenda Zero Liquid Sweetener!
 First off let me just say this is the first liquid sweetener I've tried and I wish I would of been introduced to these sooner! Crowdtap sent me a sample of the Splenda Zero Liquid Sweetener to test out and review and let me just say its awesome! It comes in a little squeeze tube so its incredibly portable! You can put it in your pocket, desk at work, purse, backpack, whatever you got it fits into. Its really easy to use you just squeeze what you need into your drink. Best of all its liquid so there's no need to stir your drink which is great because spoons aren't always available when I'm on the go.
I've been trying to shed a few pounds this year so I've been cutting back on calories and sugar from my diet. The Splenda is zero calorie and tastes just like sugar without any strong bitter aftertaste. I use it in smoothies, hot & iced tea, coffee, and any other drink I want to sweeten up. And since its portable I'm not stuck using sugar or other sweeteners when I'm out. I just pull out my little Splenda liquid and give it a squeeze! 

I received this sample from Crowdtap. #sponsored #review #Crowdtap 

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