Sunday, January 11, 2015

#1 Best Wash Bags by Inside Smarts

Here's the scenario you wash your favorite bra or panties and the washer destroys them. They either get ripped, torn, or stretched beyond repair. Now you're sad and frustrated this had to happen. Well today I'm happy to let you know there's a way to stop this tragedy from happening. These laundry bags are made strong and durable and have heavy duty zippers in them to protect all your delicate from harm. These bags can also be used for socks to keep them paired together too. When you order these bags you get 4 bags in 2 different sizes medium and large. And you get 3 white bags and one black bag for dark colored clothes. These bags extend the life of your lingerie and delicate clothing. And they have a handy zipper guard to protect your clothes. The zipper is also rust and corrosive proof. These bags also features a Smart Wash year long construction guarantee. 

These bags have literally saved my lingerie. Before my washer and dryer would ruin my bras and panties either by stretching them out of ripping them when they wrapped around the agitator. These bags are also nice at keeping track of my socks. Before I would have to hunt down my loose socks in the washer and dryer. They would get lost behind the washer or stuck up in the dryer. Now everything is secure in a nice bag and washes and drys along with the rest of my laundry. Get these bags you'll be glad you did. I received this product to test out in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of it. 

To get yours please click this link. These bags are value priced on Amazon and worth every penny:

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