Sunday, January 11, 2015

Petunia Skincare Professional 12 Set Makeup Brush Kit
Are you looking for a high quality makeup brush set that will give your professional makeup artist results? Then this is the brush kit for you. This professional 12 piece set comes with everything you need to achieve celebrity inspired results. 

Each brush is made from both real and synthetic hair. The real hair they use is pony and goat hair. Synthetic brushes are great for applying liquid based makeup. Where the real or natural brushes are great for applying powder makeup to get the maximum even and smoothness. You should clean your brushes before the first usage and after every use to avoid infection and skin irritation. These brushes are really easy to clean. You just use warm water and your favorite liquid soap or shampoo. They should always be layed flat on a towel in an open area to dry. See its very simple to clean and maintain.
Another great thing I love about this brush set is it comes with a handy guide and a convenient travel case to store your brushes. The guide gives full color illustrations of each brush and its uses. This really helps anyone new to makeup or the younger generation just learning about makeup. The travel case is made really nice and secures your brushes each in the their space with a cover to fit over all of them to protect them. The faux alligator print is also really stylish.

Just by a quick look at these brushes you can look and feel just how high quality and well made they are. They are so soft on my skin and have no rough bristles in them like other brushes I have tried. I love the carrying case and how it has a slot for each brush and a flap that fits over all of the to protect the brush hairs. The case is also really cute and fits my style. I love the pink and black these brushes are too. The handles are made really sturdy too so they won't break easily. I love how you can clean this brush set too and that they are not just throw away like a lot of others are. My makeup looks on point with these. My foundation and blush go on smooth and even with no streaks. I love doing the smokey eye and the eye brushes work great at creating a smooth smudge free smokey eye. 

If you would like to pick up a set of these brushes for yourself or as a gift here is the Amazon link:
It is value priced on Amazon right now.

I received this product to test in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of it.

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