Friday, January 2, 2015

Ozeri 10 Inch Nonstick Skillet 

I'm back today with another great product from Ozeri to tell you about. This is the Ozeri 10 inch nonstick skillet. It has everything that's great about the 12 inch pan but in a smaller size. These pans have become my favorite thing in my kitchen to use. They come in an attractive bright green color that looks fresh and will compliment any kitchen. 

Some of the great features that make this pan an A+ on my list are:
It is both 100% PTFE & PFOA free. This pan is also made with die cast aluminum with no heavy metals or harmful chemicals, so its safe for you and your family to cook with everyday. 
One of a kind textured surface that enhances even heat distribution and nonstick performance. Evenly heats without any hot spots. I love using this pan to make grilled cheese because I can cook 2 at a time and they brown evenly both at the same time. 
The scratch resistant 100% ceramic coating.
Very easy to clean either in the dishwasher or in the sink with hot, soapy water and a cloth.
Best of all the handle is made strong and coated with a thick, silicon heat resistant coating that keeps you safe from burning yourself and it fits comfortably in your hand. Handle also has a handy hook so if you choose you can hang your pan up to display when not in use.
Safe on any stove top. I use mine on my smooth glass top range and it doesn't scratch or damage my stove's surface. 
Lids to fit this pan are sold separately and can be purchased using this link:

I can tell you though that any standard 10 inch lid will fit this pan so it is quite versatile. Another thing I love about it is that all the Ozeri pans come with this little felt protective sleeve that protects the nonstick coating when you stack your pans in your kitchen drawer or oven drawer. 

This pan is really versatile. I can cook 2 large sandwiches in it at once. Or a full 2 pounds of ground beef for tacos or cheeseburger macaroni. At breakfast I can fix 3 sunny side up eggs or a 3 egg omelet and 4 sausage patties all at once. It saves me time and everyone gets to eat their food hot and at the same time. I find myself using this pan every time I cook breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And absolutely nothing sticks to it even melted cheese just peels right off. To avoid scratching or damaging the nonstick coating I always use plastic or silicone utensils with my pan. 
If you would like to get a good quality pan at a very affordable price, just click this link to place your order:

Makes a great wedding, housewarming, hostess, birthday, or any other special occasion gift. 
Also please check out my YouTube video just by clicking here:

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