Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Good to Glow Tanning Towelettes Review + Giveaway by: Thermalabs
Lets face it its cold and dreary outside right now so you won't be doing a lot of tanning. And with the sun's harmful rays and risks of skin cancer its not really safe to lay out in the sun. And tanning beds are just as risky. But if you're like me you love having beautiful bronze glowing skin. So what can you do? Well Thermalabs has come up with an easy, safe way to get golden skin. These self tanning towelettes are so easy to use. You just open up one of the individually sealed packages and pull out a towelette. From there you just wipe down your skin and wait a few minutes to dry and then get dressed. Its so easy and you get beautiful long lasting results. And you decide how dark you want to go by how many times you use a towelette. Its so natural looking too not orange like with other self tanners. And if you're not totally satisfied the company will fully refund your money to you. So there's no risk for you to give these towelettes a try.

These towelettes are so easy to use and leave my skin looking bronzed and glowing. It looks so natural too like I layed out in the sun or went to a tanning bed. But without the risk of skin damage or skin cancer. They are so easy to use too. I just use one or two towelettes when I get out of the shower and after several minutes I put on my clothes and go. The effects are long lasting too for a self tanner. I received this product to test out in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of it.

If you would like to pick up a box here is the Amazon link to buy:

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