Sunday, January 4, 2015

Kleenex Brand Lotion and Anti Viral Tissues

I like to keep a box of Kleenex tissues in every room of my home. That way they are readily available whenever anyone needs them. I love the Anti Viral tissues especially now that its cold and flu season. Unfortunately I already had the flu when I received my tissues to try. But instead of suffering through the flu for 2 weeks like past years this year I was feeling better in just 5 days. I Kleenex Anti Viral tissues helped me get over the flu faster and kept the flu germs from spreading to other members of my household.

The boxes are also really cute and compliment any decor. The tissues are very thick and strong and can hold up to sneezes and large amounts of snot. So you don't end up with messy hands from snot leaking out of your tissue. Also when you're sick or suffering from sinus you blow your nose a lot. These tissues are really soft and don't irritate my nose like other brands. 

The lotion tissues also work great on my Pug's facial wrinkles. If you know Pug's then you already know the importance of keeping their faces clean especially their wrinkles. Dirty facial wrinkles can cause infections and severe discomfort. I use tissues to keep his face clean but a lot of times the tissues rip or tear because they are not strong enough to get in between the wrinkles. The Kleenex tissues are strong and get in between every wrinkle without falling apart. And the lotion doesn't irritate my dog's skin. I recommend these for any smooshy faced dog owners. :)

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