Thursday, January 22, 2015

Skinology Beauty Solutions
Looking for an essential oil that smells great and is 100% pure? Then look at the Skinology pure lemon oil. It is made of certified organic ingredients and is made cruelty free. It is imported from Italy and bottled in the USA. Here are some great uses for lemon oil:

  • Its great for cleaning stainless steel
  • Removes odors from neglected laundry
  • Removes pine gum & tree sap from surfaces
  • Mix it with soap for a greasy hand cleaner
  • Removes hard water stains from your shower
  • Removes tarnish from silver and other metals
  • Removes gum from hair 
  • Takes off temporary tattoos
  • Mix it with olive oil to polish your wood furniture
  • Cleans your granite countertops
  • Add a few drops to your dishwasher for sparkling dishes
  • Get rid of aphids from plants
There are many, many other uses but these are just a few to give you an idea of just how useful and versatile lemon oil can be. 

I love using lemon oil in my dishwasher to eliminate spots from my dishes and to make them smell great. I also like to mix lemon oil with olive oil and use it on my wood furniture. It makes it shine as well as protect the wood. It also cleans my stainless steel appliances and removes tarnish from silver and brass.  Lemon oil has a ton of other great uses that you can search the internet for. This is a huge four ounce bottle that comes with a dropper top so you can easily measure out the exact amount you need without spilling or using too much. I love how its organically made and is made cruelty free. I received this product to test in exchange for my honest review of it.

If you would like to order a bottle of Skinology Lemon Oil for yourself, here is the handy Amazon link:

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