Monday, April 27, 2015

Curv Bath Pillow
Ever try relaxing in the tub and have no where soft to rest your head and neck? This bath pillow solves all that. It fits in any bathtub and has a stylist design that fits any decor. Also it has extra strong suction cups that hold it firmly in place so there's no slipping, sliding, or falling off. Its soft and smooth as well so it feels great when you rest your skin against it. This bath pillow can be found on or just by clicking this link:

I got this bath pillow to make my baths a lot more comfortable. My bathtub is very uncomfortable for my head and neck because the tub and tile wall meet right where my head rests. So this bath pillow makes soaking in the tub a lot more relaxing and comfortable for my head and neck. Its soft and smooth and feels good against my skin. It also has two strong suction cups on the back of it that help secure it tightly to the tile wall. It doesn't slip or slide when I use it and so far I haven't had to reattach it not once to the wall. Now I can't wait to have my nightly soak in the tub. I received this product in exchange for my honest review of it. 

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