Monday, April 6, 2015

Priority Chef Knife Sharpener
Need a high quality knife sharpener to keep all your knives sharp and easy to use? Then take a look at the Priority Chef knife sharpener. It has 2 sharpening surfaces one for blunt blades and the other to finish off and remove any burrs from the knifes blade. It features a high quality stainless steel base and a sturdy design for easy sharpening. It also has a nice felt bottom that adheres to surfaces and also doesn't scratch your counter tops. It is priced right too on Amazon and can be found using this link:

I love to cook and use fresh ingredients and with that I own a lot of knifes that get dull and need sharpened periodically. This sharpener is really easy to use and doesn't scratch my counter tops. It sharpens my metal and ceramic knives with ease. And it does it really fast too, only a few turns through the 1 and 2 slots and my knife is back to being brand new sharp. In the past I had tried the sharpening stones and never could get them to do much to my knives. This is so much easier and does a much better job. And the nice brushed stainless steel this sharpener is made of matches my kitchen perfectly. I received this product in exchange for my honest review of it. 

Come check out my YouTube video demonstration of the Priority Chef Knife Sharpener here:

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