Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Gobble Up This Turkey Day Guide 

This guide will help you have the best Thanksgiving ever, from preparing the meal to entertaining guests and the dreaded cleanup. These products will make your holiday easier and stress free. 

This is a handy little tool for anyone who cooks, I never knew how useful this was until I got it. It works great for meal prep when you are chopping fruits, veggies, meats, or anything and you need to pick it up and transfer it into a bowl or pan. It is made of strong, heavy duty stainless steel so its not cheap and flimsy feeling. It has a nice hard plastic handle on it so its easy to grab and work with. Its also rust and corrode resistant and dishwasher safe too. I also like how there's inch measurements on the blade so if you're using this scraper as a chopper it makes it easy to measure out your dough and cut it all in the same size pieces. I use this tool when I'm making homemade cinnamon rolls and I have to measure and cut the dough into 4 inch strips so all my rolls are the same size. Its a very useful kitchen tool I use mine every time I cook. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

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These containers are great I've never owned anything quite like them. They are made of stainless steel so they are really strong and durable. They have easy to open and close lids that have a nice rubber ring around them that seals against the top of the metal bowl on each container. They are dishwasher safe which is great. And they hold quite a bit so they are great to use for leftovers, fruits, vegetables, pantry ingredients, snacks, or whatever you decide. You could also use them outside of the kitchen for craft or office supplies. The lids snap on nice and snug and easily come off with just a  few snaps on the tabs. What I like about them in they don't stain from food like plastic containers do, and they don't hold in food odors.

I love eating fresh veggies and fruits but hate to chop them for meals. Now with this V-Blade chopper I can chop food up and have some fun doing it. This slicer really is fun to use but you have to be careful not to cut your hands. The slicer has a nice silicone grip handle so its easy to handle and hold even with wet hands. I love how you can adjust the chopper to cut with 2 sizes of thickness and with the julienne option. The slicer comes with:
3x3 mm Julienne blade
3.5 mm slicing blade
6x6 mm Julienne blade
1.5 mm slicing blade
sleeve to hold the blades you're not using
hand guard to hold and protect 

This shaker is really nice just like a professional bartender uses. The stainless steel looks great and is really strong and durable. The large 24 ounce size is large and allows me to make a drink for myself and my boyfriend all at once. Its dishwasher safe but mostly I just rinse it out and dry it with a towel. The top snaps on easily and doesn't spill when you're shaking it. The top comes off and has a nice strainer to easily strain your drink. So no ice chumps plopping in your glass and making a mess. The jigger is a great added bonus and allows me to accurately measure out my liquid ingredients. I received this product in exchange for my honest review of it.

I never knew how handy one of these was until I got one. I usually would strain noodles and wash greens in the sink or with one of those small strainers with a handle. It wasn't very effective and I usually ended up spilling food down the drain or on the floor. This colander is nice and large so nothing gets spilled. I can wash lettuce and other greens, strain spaghetti and other noodles, wash fruits and vegetables, and other foods easily. The colander is dishwasher safe and has nice handles on either side that make it easy to pick up and handle. The tiny holes let water drain away from your food but doesn't allow any of your food to fall out. The base is also elevated so your food can drain easily and doesn't lay in water at the bottom. I use this colander all the time and I love the stylish stainless steel look it really compliments my kitchen decor. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.
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Like most people nowadays my family is on a budget so we cook at home most nights of the week. I also like to make meals ahead of time and reheat them throughout the week when we are super busy. I love these containers for this purpose because they keep my food fresher for way longer than normal food storage containers. I've tried all the popular brands of containers that claim to be air tight and none work half as well as these do. I love the pressure release valve that doesn't allow foods to spill or leak out when you're reheating them. Especially when my fiance goes in the kitchen late at night and reheats leftovers. I used to wake up to messes in the microwave the next morning but not anymore with these containers. 

Another thing I love about these containers is the wave pattern at the bottom. I buy lettuce at the grocery store for salads and I come home and put it in the largest container until I cut it up for salad. The wave pattern keeps the lettuce out of the water that leaks out of it so it doesn't start to rot before I can get to it. These containers are also freezer safe so I can make a large casserole in the largest container and freeze it until we are ready to eat it. The food stays fresh and tastes just like the day I made it absolutely no freezer burn at all. And I can set the 30 day time dial so I know when I put it in the freezer. 

I also like how these containers are BPA free so I don't have to worry about any harmful chemicals getting into my family and I's bodies. I can honestly tell you these containers keep food fresher a lot longer. I've used them with strawberries, grapes, fresh salads, cut up veggies for stir fry, and numerous leftovers and the food has stayed fresher for weeks instead of days. And I love how the containers don't stain I've stored chili and spaghetti sauce in 2 of them and they still look like new absolutely no staining. I will be investing in more of these and will be giving a couple sets out for Christmas gifts. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

To learn more or to purchase a Ozeri container set, please use this link:

I am so happy with this barbecue tools and kitchen utensil set. All the tools are made strong and durable not flimsy and cheap like others. Everything is dishwasher safe so cleanup is simple and easy. The silicone grill gloves work great when I grill or in the kitchen pulling hot dishes out of the oven. The tongs are great to use to serve food along with on the grill and inside on the stove. The spatula is strong and doesn't bend even when scooping up heavy foods and its nonstick so food doesn't stick to it. The meat claws are great I use them for several tasks. They are great to use to pick up large pieces of meat like roasts, whole chickens, and I plan to use them to lift the Thanksgiving turkey on the platter here soon. They are also handy to use to break up meats too like when I make pulled pork barbecue they work great breaking and shedding up the hot meat. Like I said this is a very handy set you won't be sorry about purchasing. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

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The holidays are almost here and that means cooking and lots of it. Every year I cook turkeys and hams for my family and cooking large pieces of meat like that can be tricky when it comes to trying to figure out when its done. I don't want to serve undercooked or overcooked meat so I decided to pick up one of these meat thermometers. I love how this meat thermometer is wireless and long range. It has an easy to read backlit LCD screen that even shows a picture of the type of meat your cooking right on the screen like pig, cow, etc. There's also a handy countdown timer so if you walk away and get distracted while cooking your food won't burn. I get distracted a lot so this timer is great for me. The stainless steel probe is nice because it doesn't rust or corrode to contaminate my food. The thermometer is nice and accurate and I get perfect results every time I use it. The unit is very easy to operate and is powered by AAA batteries. I recommend this to anyone that will be cooking a turkey this year it takes the guesswork out of figuring out when food is done. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

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This marinade injector is just what I needed for all my meats. I love to cook and marinade cuts of meat before I cook them. Larger, thicker cuts of meat and meat like turkey and ham can be difficult to get the marinade all the way into the meat. This injector makes it easy to get marinade all the way through the meat. The needles are really long and have sharp points on the end that easily go right through even the tougher meats. There's also tiny holes that run down the entire length of the needles so it gets the marinade thoroughly through the meat. I plan on using this injector on my turkey this year and injecting melted butter, sage, and poultry spices through my turkey to give the meat a great flavor and be really tender and juicy. I also plan to use this on the ham I'll be preparing too and injecting my special ham baste all the way through the meat. This injector will also work well with beef and pork roasts, whole chickens, steak, and whatever else you decide to make. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it. 

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This salt and pepper grinder set is electric so no more hand turning to grind your fresh salt and pepper. The grinders are powered by 8 AA batteries all together but its low energy consumption so the batteries last for quite awhile. Also if you use rechargeables you can cut down on the cost as well. The grinders hold quite a lot of salt and peppercorns so you don't have to refill them often. They are also really easy to fill and each jar has a lock so you don't have to worry about them spilling out. The stainless steel is very elegant and matches my kitchen quite nicely. There's a button on the top of each grinder that you push down to grind your spice. These grinders don't make a lot of noise unlike other grinders I have used in the past. They also adjust so you can grind your pepper and salt to your liking from fine to coarse. I also like the caps that come with each grinder so when you're not using them you can put the caps on the bottoms to keep things fresh. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

To order a grinder set please use this link:

Wow was I amazed when I got these kitchen utensils, they are so strong and well made, true restaurant quality. And they look great in my kitchen because they match my decor perfectly. The handles are all made of nice strong, sturdy metal and thick silicone that is heat resistant so it won't melt or burn my hands when I use it. The metal doesn't rust or corrode even after being in the dishwasher. Food doesn't stick to these utensils either the silicone truly is nonstick. This is a 6 piece set so you get all the essentials that you would need to cook and prepare any meal. The set includes pasta server, drainer, slotted spoon, serving spoon, spatula, and ladle. All of the handles are nice and long too and each utensil has a hole in the handle to hang the utensil in your kitchen if you wish. 

I've bought utensils numerous times over the years for my kitchen and I can honestly say these are the best utensils I've ever owned. The spatula doesn't bend or droop when I'm scooping up something heavy like a omelet, hamburger, or pork chop out of a skillet to put on a plate. The spaghetti server doesn't bend either no matter how much pasta you load onto it. This is a great utensil set for and would make a wonderful gift for anyone to enjoy. I cook everyday and I really enjoy my set. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

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I've always wanted a salad spinner but never knew how well they worked and now that I have one I'm amazed by what I was missing. I should have gotten one of these years ago. I love making salads they taste great and there's so many different ways you can prepare them or ingredients you can put in your salad. They are also a great way to eat healthy and lose weight. If I'm pressed for time I'll just buy a bag of ready made salad but most of the time I prefer to buy my favorite varieties of lettuce and veggies and make my own. But after chopping up and washing my veggies and lettuce a lot of excess water ends up at the bottom of the bowl. All that extra water makes my lettuce and veggies turn brown and rot a lot faster. And if some of the water gets to my bowl of salad it waters down my dressing and tastes bad. But I like to thoroughly wash everything I eat so a salad spinner was a must have.

This spinner is so easy to use its actually fun to use. My fiancee and I take turns using it when we prepare salads for lunch or dinner or as a healthy snack. There's a arm on top the lid that you just simply push down on again and again to make the colander inside the spinner spin. The faster you push down on the arm the faster the colander spins inside. There's also a handy instant stop button on top of the lid also that stops the colander inside the spinner instantly. The green colander inside has rows of holes that when it spins really does get all the water out of your lettuce and veggies. After you have spun out your salad you just open the lid and lift out the green colander. I am always really surprised by how much water I find in the bottom of the bowl, its amazing to see that all that water hides in my food like that. After you dump the water out of the bowl you can use the bowl to put your salad in and toss it with your favorite dressing or seasoning. I love making my homemade vinegar and oil dressing. The bowl is great to use for serving your salad at dinner or at a party. Both the bowl, and colander are dishwasher safe so cleanup is effortless. 

Since I've started using the salad spinner I've noticed that fresh salad will last me almost 5 days longer than before I started using the salad spinner. By day 2 my salad used to be brown on the edges and by day 3 it would be ready to throw away. Now I waste less and enjoy more. I also use the salad bowl and lid to store my salad in and just take out what I need and add dressing as I eat it. You can't go wrong with one of these. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

To learn more or to order a salad spinner from Ozeri please use the link below. Makes a great gift!

I have been using the old style potato masher for years and it was really worn out. The metal was corroded and beginning to rust and the masher was small and didn't mash a whole lot at a time. The handle was also plastic and not easy to grip and hold. This new potato masher from Kukpo works so much easier and better than my old masher. I can mash a full pot of cooked potatoes in about half the time than it used to take. I can also use it to easily mash up bananas, and other fruits and soft veggies for recipes. The masher has a nice easy to grip rubberized handle that's easy to hold and use. The masher itself has a much larger mashing area on it than my old masher and really gets the job done fast. The masher is also dishwasher safe so cleanup is simple and easy. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

To order a potato masher please use this link:

This year I'll be cooking the Thanksgiving turkey and I want it to look and taste its best. Part of having a delicious, juicy, moist turkey is basting the bird as it cooks. I brush my bird with melted butter and fresh herbs to make it taste extra delicious. While its cooking I like to baste the bird with the juices at the bottom of the pan and to do so I need a turkey baster. This baster is nice and long so your hand stays far away from the hot food when you're working. The baster is stainless steel with a rubber bulb so its nice and durable and won't melt, rust, or corrode. The baster also comes with a brush to clean it with and a injector needle to use to inject marinades into your meat. This really is a commercial grade baster that will last me for many holidays to come. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it. 

To order a baster please use this link:

These containers are great for storing meal prep items or meal planning for the week. They are nice and lightweight and roomy inside. They are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe so they can be used for a variety of tasks. I can store leftovers in them and reheat my meal in them for lunch the next day. They are also great for when I'm cooking a large meal and I have to chop veggies up ahead of time. I can chop up and store what I need in the fridge or freezer and the container keeps everything nice and fresh. These containers are also great for cooking ahead meals for the week or month and freezing them for later. They don't leak either so they travel well too. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

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These silicone lids are really stretchy and work great when you need to cover something that doesn't have a lid. I use the larger lids to cover dinner plates when I make my fiancee a plate of food and put it in the fridge for when he gets home from work. There's also sizes that fit cups and bowls too so you can put food or drinks in the fridge for later and don't have to worry about them spilling. They also work right on food as well like whole melons and other larger fruits similar to that. These lids are dishwasher safe too so cleanup is easy. The lids are really stretchy and fit over stuff much larger than the lid. They don't lose their shape either they mimic a rubber band and snap back into place once you remove them. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

To order a set please use this link:

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