Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Its November So Christmas Shopping Is Underway Why Not Give The Gift Of Healthy Eating & Easy Food Prep??
I love eating fresh veggies and fruits but hate to chop them for meals. Now with this V-Blade chopper I can chop food up and have some fun doing it. This slicer really is fun to use but you have to be careful not to cut your hands. The slicer has a nice silicone grip handle so its easy to handle and hold even with wet hands. I love how you can adjust the chopper to cut with 2 sizes of thickness and with the julienne option. The slicer comes with:
3x3 mm Julienne blade
3.5 mm slicing blade
6x6 mm Julienne blade
1.5 mm slicing blade
sleeve to hold the blades you're not using
hand guard to hold and protect 

The slicer has a nice easy to use button you press to remove and insert the different blades. The slicer is very sharp and slices through even tough veggies with ease. It is also dishwasher safe so cleanup is easy and effortless. I use this slicer almost everyday its great for slicing carrots and zucchini for stir frys and salads, potatoes and onions for hash browns and scalloped potatoes, beans, squash, cucumbers for pickling, and many other things. I've even used it on soft fruits like apples, bananas, and mangos. I love all the different blade choices and thickness you get with this slicer. I love the V-blade design it is so easy to use and slices the fruits and veggies without mashing them. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.

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