Thursday, July 28, 2016

Get To Know This Great Little Pan From TeChef

This little pan is so handy in my kitchen I use it all the time and not just for eggs. Its great to use when I need to saute a few mushrooms for a steak or some onions and peppers for a quick quesadilla or wrap. I also use it when I need to fry up some fresh bacon I've chopped up as a garnish for some cheese fries, cole slaw, or topping on homemade scalloped potatoes. It is a one egg pan so I also use it in the morning when I want to fry up a scrambled egg or over easy egg just for myself. Its so useful. This pan heats up fast partly due to its 5.5 inch size. It has a smooth Teflon coating that nothing not even melted cheese sticks to. And its PFOA free so no chemicals get into my food that could harm my health. The pan has a nice long handle that is slightly textured so its easy to grip and hold onto and also stays cool to the touch. There's also a hole in the handle so it can be hanged from a hook in the kitchen. The handle is strong and sturdy and doesn't wobble or feel loose on the pan. 

My favorite thing about this pan has to be the beautiful Aubergine purple color of this pan. My favorite color is purple and this is a deep dark plum purple that glitters in the light. The Teflon coating is a dark black that feels smooth to the touch. This pan is dishwasher safe so cleanup is easy and the pan never needs scrubbed due to the Teflon nonstick coating. It comes out of the dishwasher looking like new every time. I'm really enjoying this little pan and even though its small I find so many great uses for it everyday. 

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