Monday, July 11, 2016

I Love A Tall Frothy Cocoa, Cappuccino, Tea, Or Coffee! 
Now I Make Them At Home With The Help Of This
 Electric Milk Frother
 from: Brewberry

This is a great little milk frother for anyone who loves a tall foamy drink like me. No more using the messy hand held milk frothers that make a mess all over the counter. Or using a whisk and a ton of elbow grease to create a tall froth. This electric milk frother not only froths not it also heats the milk as well. It almost effortless to use and best of all no mess to clean up. The heating feature heats up the milk to where its nice and hot just like i like. And the frothing feature gives me a tall foamy froth perfect for cappuccinos and tall hot cocoas. You can even use almond and soy milk as well in it. 

It has a minimum and maximum line on the inside that tells you how far to fill it. There's also 2 whisks that are easy to switch in and out one is a heating whisk and the other is a frothing whisk. There's a clear lid on the top which is nice because I can view and monitor the milk's progress in the frother. The unit is stainless steel so it durable and well made and easy to clean. It also isn't hot to the touch so handling it doesn't run me the risk of burning my hand. The small pitcher sets on the base which plugs into a wall outlet via 3 prong plug. There are labeled control buttons on the side of the pitcher that allow you to change from heat and frothing. This electric frother is not intended for the dishwasher but is really easy to clean, I just rinse mine out under the tap and wipe it out to clean it and dry it. If you're looking for that coffee shop taste and look to your hot beverages then this is the frother for you. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review.

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