Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Cutest Water Bottle You'll Ever See

Gone are the days of the boring plain old plastic water bottle, its replaced with these colorful bottles. This bottle is double walled so it keeps drinks colder longer and your bottle doesn't sweat all over the place. Its BPA and BPS free as well as lead, cadmium, and toxin free. So there's nothing in there to harm you so its worry free. This is a glass water bottle and I know what you're thinking won't it break if I drop it? The answer is no. The glass is surrounded by a protective plastic shell so it won't break if you accidentally knock it over or drop it. 

The lid on this water bottle works like a charm. It is a leak proof flip cap lid with handle and lock. So if you keep your water bottle in your backpack it won't leak and ruin the contents of your bag. The flip cap lid keeps the lid from being dropped on the ground because the lid stays attached to the bottle. And the lock keeps the lid from accidentally being popped open and keeps your drink from spilling out. The opening is large enough to drink from or use with a straw if you prefer. The clip is another awesome feature because I can clip my bottle to my bike if I go cycling at the park, or to my backpack or belt when I'm out hiking. 

This bottle is available on Amazon in 4 different colors and unique designs. I chose the pink and I just love the hot pink color and the cute hearts, flowers, and love design painted on the water. This water bottle keeps my drink nice and cold for hours I can fill it with ice and water and go on a bike ride or hike at the park for several hours and every time I stop to rest I always have a nice cold drink. Its easy to clean as well and came with a long handled bottle brush that is like a sponge on a stick. It does a great job cleaning the bottle as well as some of the other water bottles the rest of my family uses. 

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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