Thursday, March 2, 2017

Beat The Heat With The 
Ozeri 42in Oscillating Tower Fan
 I live on the top floor of a condo building and although we do have central air conditioning it does get a bit stuffy in here some days. Or there's days where its not hot enough for the air conditioning but perfect for windows open and fan on and this fan is perfect for all those. My favorite feature has to be the long range remote control so I can operate the fan without leaving my seat. There's also storage for the remote on the top of the fan so no more lost remote. I also love how whisper quiet this fan is. Even on high and set to oscillate its so quiet and doesn't interfere with my sleep or TV. The fan came almost fully assembled all I needed to do was attach the base and optional extension column. 

Some other great features of this fan include:
  • 1 year warranty from defects (repair or replace)
  • 3 programmable airflow patterns for sleep, comfort, & relaxation
  • 12 hour timer that can be programmed in 1 hour increments
  • multi-colored LCD screen that shows fan functions & room temperature
  • 3 whisper quiet speed settings that generate more air velocity with less noise
  • long range remote that comes batteries included
  • easy to assemble & comes with extension column adjusting the fan from 32" to 42" 
  • remote storage on top of fan that also includes buttons for all fan functions
  • oscillation mode
  • lightweight but not wobbly even on carpet
  • easy to move with handle on top of base
  • long 6 foot cord  
  • easy to read instruction manual
  •  no strong odor from fan motor

Another cool feature that I love about this fan is that when you plug it in it beeps so you know its plugged in and ready to go. To me that always has a ton of things needing plugged in is so handy because I know when I've plugged in the fan and not something else by mistake. I use this fan in my bedroom at night when I sleep and when I'm watching TV. Its so quiet it doesn't keep me awake at night and doesn't drown out my TV. Sometimes I forget I even have it on its really that quiet. 

I love how it shows the room temperature and fan functions on the LCD screen that's not too bright so it doesn't keep me awake by lighting up my room. I do wish their was a way to shut off the LCD screen at night but its really not a big deal. I really like the timer too because I can set it to turn the fan off halfway through the night so I don't wake up to a freezing cold room in the morning. Also forgetful me sometimes gets in a hurry and forgets to turn off the fan so the timer does it for me.  The handle on the back of the fan's base makes it so easy for even 5' 3" tall me to carry it from room to room or up and down steps easily. And if you're always searching for the missing TV remote like me then you'll love the convenient remote control storage on top of the fan. 

If you're in the market for a quiet fan that puts out a ton of air, is lightweight but not wobbly, and is easy to use and transport than look no further than the Ozeri Ultra.

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased and honest review.  

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