Saturday, March 25, 2017

Does This Thing Really Work?? 
Egg Tastic 
Ceramic Microwave Egg Cooker 
 So I decided to take a chance and pick one of these up from my local Dollar Tree. Its only $1 so not much of a loss if it turned out to be a complete flop. Its well made and I figured maybe if it didn't work for cooking eggs I could use it for other things like tea. When I brought it home and unboxed it I was surprised at how well made it is. Its a nice thick ceramic and has silicone rubber around the bottom, seal around the lid, and the handle on the lid. There's also a small hole in the lid to let any steam escape while cooking. The cooker is also dishwasher safe so cleaning it is super easy.

After reading through the instructions here are some helpful hints I found:
  • Only use 2 eggs when combining with other ingredients (onions, peppers, mushrooms,ham, sausage, bacon, cheese, etc)
  • You can use up to 4 eggs if cooking just eggs
  • Only fill to the fill line inside the cooker
  • Refer to the cooking guide card for cooking times
  • After cooking in the Egg Tastic twice allow to cool before using again
 So here's my experience with the Egg Tastic. I used 2 eggs beaten and a small handful of cheddar cheese. I have a really old microwave (1995) so I did need to adjust my cooking time to double what was recommended. The ceramic gets really hot from heating so I definitely recommend using a towel, over mitt, pot holder, or whatever when handling it. This first photo I'm showing you is after 1 minute 30 seconds of cooking. It was almost done but there was still some egg liquid in the bottom. So I cooked it another 45 seconds and the scrambled eggs turned out perfect with melty cheese.
So in conclusion I have to give the Egg Tastic 5 Stars it did an awesome job and saves a ton of time when cooking scrambled eggs and cleanup is a breeze. No messing with pan and waiting for the stove to heat up. It was so easy to make delicious cheesy eggs. Under supervision even a child could use this product. So if you're at Dollar Tree and you see this pick one up or several because these would make a great gift. And wow only $1!!!

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