Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pop Chart Lab Poster Prints
These posters will compliment any decor either at home or at your office at work. I chose the American Automobiles poster because I love cars especially classic cars. One of the things I love about this poster is it's fun to look at and learn something from. Everyone that sees it loves it and learns a little bit of history from it. 

I purchased a plain black frame for this poster print and it looks great together and it really compliments the print. At first I chose to hang it in the hallway by my front door. But there was a lot of glare from the sun and from lights that the top of the poster was hard to read. So I moved it to my spare bedroom/ office and it looks great in there. I absolutely love it and I would love to buy more for my home and for gifts. If you would like to browse their selection of poster prints, please click this link:

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  1. Cool poster, it looks great in that black frame. Great review. I've bookmarked Pop Chart. Thanks!