Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Etekcity Measuring Cup Scale 

I've been searching for quite awhile for the perfect measuring cup. One that would be large enough for me to measure out each ingredient that required multiple cups once, instead of having to measure one cup at a time. Also I wanted something lightweight, dishwasher safe, and above all accurate.  And I believe I've finally found it! 

The Etekcity measuring cup and scale was just what I was looking for. It features a digital measuring scale that is battery operated. The battery comes included when you purchase the measuring cup and it's readily available when you need to replace it. There's 3 functions buttons on the handle of the measuring cup one for On/Off and Zero out function, another for Mode, and the bottom button is for Units. The top of the handle has a nice LCD screen that can be programmed to take a customized measurement of  flour, milk, oil, and water. Basically your cooking and baking staples. The measuring cup detaches from the scale base so you can clean it after use. 
This measuring cup has ml and oz on the one side and cups on the other and has the capability to measure 1500ml, 48oz, or 6 cups. So you can get a lot measured fast. Instead of measuring out 4 cups of flour cup by cup, I can now measure out the full 4 cups that I need for pizza dough. The digital screen is easy to program and to read.  A detailed instruction booklet comes in the box with the measuring cup. And just like all Etekcity products, it is quality made and built to last. It also takes highly accurate measurements so you can rest assured your recipes will turn out exactly as intended. 

If you would like to learn more about this product, or if you would like to purchase a measuring cup scale, please click this link:
This would make a great hostess, housewarming, wedding shower, wedding, or dorm room gift. Anyone that cooks or loves to cook would love to receive this measuring cup.

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