Thursday, May 7, 2015

Yumms! Premium Hamburger Press
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Do you like grilling at home but can't get the perfect burger with just your hands? Don't feel alone I have the exact same problem. Either they're too thick or too thin, some are different sizes than others, or they fall apart before they make it to the grill. Another part of making hamburger patties is handling the meat. Its greasy, it gets all over, and it gets under your nails. Gross! Now there's a solution where you get perfect, uniform burgers perfect every time, just like if you bought the pricey pre-made patties. 

The Yumms burger press is so easy to use. It comes in 3 pieces. A bottom piece, a middle tray that you place the meat on, and the top press with the nice sturdy rubberized grip handle. Each piece works together to create perfect burgers that stay together and have nice grates indented into each patty that allows them to cook perfectly just like the store bought ones. So when you cook them they cook evenly and the excess grease drains easily from them. This press allows you to choose the desired thickness you like your burgers to be. It can also be used to make crab cakes, salmon, or turkey burgers. This burger press is made really strong and sturdy as well and is dishwasher safe so cleanup is always easy. 

Yumms offers a money back no questions asked guarantee that you will love their product or you can return it. If you would like to purchase a Yumms burger press please use one of these links:

This burger press makes my job of cooking hamburgers for my family a whole lot easier. Now instead of pressing burgers out by hand and getting different sized and different thickness patties that don't cook evenly, I now get perfect uniform sized burgers. I love how you can choose the thickness you want your burgers too. And the burgers don't fall apart when you remove them from the press because of the center piece that makes them easy to remove. I also love how the press makes nice ridges on the burgers so they cook evenly and the grease drains out of them a lot easier. Also now there's no messy hands and meat under my fingernails because I no longer have to hand press them. And its dishwasher safe so cleanup is super easy. This press is also made sturdy and strong for being plastic, so I'm confident it will last for years to come. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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