Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ozeri 3x Tower Fan

This fan is not only eye catching but it does a great job at keeping my room cool too. It's surprisingly sturdy and lightweight at the same time. I love the heavy glass base this fan has and the little feet like things that dig into the carpet and hold the fan securely. I have really low pile carpeting that"s worn down quite a bit so its nice to have the fan still be able to sit securely even on that kind of carpeting. The passive noise reduction technology is super quiet. I'm a very light sleeper and this fan doesn't keep me up at night or keep me from resting comfortably. I love the timer and the sleep mode too. I can set my fan to go off halfway through the night so I don't wake up in the morning freezing or with a sore throat. 

The remote control and LED display on the fan are really easy to use and you can program it and work it even in a dark room or from across the room. I can turn it off without having to leave my bed. The remote storage behind it is ideal because I'm always losing remotes. I love the carrying handle too and when you need to move it the fan itself is surprisingly light weight. Its great also how you can program it with so many options because sometimes I only want one fan on instead of 3 and this fan gives you that option and many more. The fan has 3 speeds of low, medium, and high as well. And 3 modes which are normal, nature, and sleep mode. This fan is designed to be easy to operate and use and keep you cool and comfortable. I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of it.
Makes a great addition to any room in your home. It's very stylish and matches any decor. Comes in 3 colors which are black, silver, or white. It would also make a great gift for any occasion such as birthdays, weddings, holidays, hostess, or any other special occasion.

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