Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Looking For A Budget Friendly Tablet That Preforms Like It Broke The Bank???

Check out the iRULU eXpro 9 inch tablet
 9 inch tablet comes with USB charging cable 
Quad core cortex processor
Android 4.4 & WLAN G-sensor
 Slim design case, front and rear cameras
Front 0.3 MP
Rear 2.0MP
For great photo and video capture capabilities 
 Rear facing speaker puts out rich, clear sound great for videos and music
Comes preloaded with all the necessary apps so setup took only minutes instead of hours

This tablet outperforms my Samsung Galaxy. It has a nice large 9 inch display which makes it perfect for watching  videos, movies, and TV shows on it. The screen resolution is really clear too there's no lines or pixels in the picture when you're watching something. The speaker puts out a great amount of sound which is clear and non distorted even when I turn it all the way up. The tablet has a microphone port as well as a headphone jack and is Blue tooth so you have many options to attach additional speakers to it, ear buds, or headphones. You can also attach other accessories to the tablet like a keyboard and mouse either via Blue tooth or the micro USB port. 

I love how this tablet came preloaded with Google and other apps that I frequently use so setup was really fast. It only took about 5 minutes and I was using this tablet after I charged it. And most of that 5 minutes was me looking for my WIFI password to connect the tablet to my Internet. I love the pretty hot pink color its really bright and pretty. I plan on getting a case and screen protector for this tablet so it stays looking nice and the screen doesn't get damaged. This tablet is Android 4.4 and has a quad core processor so its quite fast and responsive when you are scrolling down a page on the internet. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro too and this iRULU tablet keeps right up with my Samsung and doesn't lag or freeze up when you're scrolling. It also loads pages fast when I'm online shopping or watching videos on YouTube. I love using the camera and video features to make short videos and take decent quality photos to put on Facebook and Instagram. 

This tablet has a micro SD card slot in it that allows you to expand the memory up to 32GB which is great because I can save all my photos and videos on the SD card and not have them slowing down the tablet on its memory. The battery is Li-Polymer so it charges up fast and my tablet stays charged for several days before I need to charge it again. So it doesn't eat up a lot of energy to run which is nice. I really love this tablet and if I would have known about it when I bought my Samsung I would have saved my money and just bought the iRULU. 

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it. 

To learn more about this tablet or to purchase one, please use this link:

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