Monday, January 25, 2016

Makes It Easy To Straighten My Hair & Doesn't Do Damage 
Or Dry Out My Hair  
from: Ohuhu

This brush hair straightener is so easy to use and it doesn't damage or dry out my hair. It has a nice long cord that swivels 360 degrees so it doesn't tangle or knot up when you're using it. The straightener has nice controls on the side of it making it easy to turn on and off and adjust the temperature up and down. The brush is lightweight and fits comfortably in my hand so its easy to use. Overall the brush is easy to use, you use it just like you do a normal hair brush. It removes tangles out of your hair as its straightening your hair. I have really long, thick hair and it easily goes right through it even when my hairs tangled from sleeping all night. 

The hair straightening brush goes through all the layers of my thick hair and straightens them all from outer to inner hair. It heats up fast and heats all the way to 450 degrees which is nice for thicker hair like mine. The brush doesn't cause my hair to get frizzy or cause my ends to split if I use it regularly. My hair looks shiny and healthy looking. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

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