Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Pamper Yourself With Pure Down
Comes in a 2 pack in Standard/Queen or King Size

Here are the pillows right out of the package before fluffing 

The left one has been fluffed and you can really see the difference!
Here we have both pillows fluffed and ready to sleep on

Pillows in Queen size cases, tight fit but nice and plump

Pillows have removable covers that can be machine washed

Nice double stitched seams and no loose threads

Pillow covers are made of a thick 300 thread count cotton

Nothings worse than a flat, worn out pillow, you wake up with headaches, sore necks, and just overall you don't sleep well. I suffer from allergies and sinus problems so sleeping on a flat or worn out pillow is something I cannot do. My sinus's clog up and I cannot breathe and I wake up congested and with terrible headaches. I have to keep my head elevated when I sleep. I am also a side sleeper and sometimes a stomach sleeper depending on my mood. And I like to sleep with several pillows one for my head and another to either hug or put between my legs to relieve tension in my lower back. So i needed good firm, supportive pillows that don't flatten out, get lumpy, or lose their shape. 

I gave these pillows a try and I was really impressed. For the price and the quality you get they are a real value. They come in a twin pack so that satisfied my need for multiple pillows. They also come in a zippered bag that can be reused for linens or other bedding if you wish. The pillows don't have any strong odors to them either unlike other pillows like the memory foam I've tried in the past. Right out of the package I noticed how high quality these pillows are. They are double stitched in the seams and all the seems are nice and straight with no loose or fraying threads. The pillows don't have any big tags or anything attached to them to poke you through the pillowcase either. The cotton covers on these pillows are nice and soft and have a satiny feel to them with a striped like pattern to the cotton. There's also zippers on the ends so the covers can be removed and machine washed another nice feature. The zippers are also very discreet and small so they won't poke you while you're sleeping. I love how these pillows are made of duck down they are much more soft and supportive than cotton fill or foam pillows. 

I love that these pillows have natural fill to them, I prefer to buy natural products over synthetic materials. After giving these pillows a fluff they puffed up to more than double their size right out of the package. I really had to push and stuff to get them in my queen size pillowcases which is a good thing. The first night I slept on these pillows I was amazed as soon as my head hit the pillow. They are soft but firm and hold their shape and support your head. My head sank into them slightly almost like laying on a big fluffy cloud. I haven't felt a pillow this comfortable in years. I can honestly tell you I fell asleep a lot faster than I usually do and I woke up the next day feeling rested and relaxed. No tossing and turning or having to fluff or readjust the pillow through the night either. These pillows held their shape and there was no huge dent in the pillow where my head had been all night. I've been sleeping on them now for almost 2 weeks and they show no signs of flattening out or losing their shape at all. They are just as good as they were the first night. 

I received this product in exchange for my honest, unbiased review of it. 

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